DYI ~ Glass and mosaic tiles

Mosaic Backsplash AL640If you are ready to give your kitchen, bathroom, garden or other architectural project a brand new look, glass and mosaic tiles are a great way to freshen up any area you have in mind. With a wide selection, you can choose various designs for multiple projects.

Whether you are interested in using glass tiles or stone tiles, there should be plenty of materials and design configurations to pique your interest and fit the idea for the theme of any project.

Glass and mosaic tiles are available in many textures such as smooth, textured or with a glossy and luminous finish. Any tiles that you select are sure to add an exciting new flair to the room or space you are refurbishing.

Glass tiles are particularly good for bathrooms and kitchens since they are often wet spaces yet still indoors. The glass tiles will shimmer and be easier to clean than stone tiles in those environments. Stone tiles are better for outdoor garden spaces and other architectural spaces where you need something more durable against the elements or high traffic.

For an added alternative, you can also find combined glass and stone mosaic tiles, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you want iridescent stone or a more textured slate, the two media work in perfect harmony together.

Some of the many designs of glass and mosaic tiles include beaded, stripped, chiseled, linear, tweed and diamond cut. You should find something unique and attractive for your project.

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