Five Fun Ways To Get That Dream Body

Getting the body of your dreams sometimes seems more like a nightmare. Especially when it involves horribly restrictive diets, no fun, and boring repetitive exercise every day. So, it’s important to note that these restrictions can absolutely be turned around. Read ahead to find out great pointers that will make your work out, worth it.

Five Fun Ways To Get That Dream Body

Mix of different Exercises

A dream body definitely doesn’t come from two 30-minute walks a week and a detox juice on Sundays. The only thing that will give you the whole body package you dream of is a large variety of different workouts that you do consistently. Now, don’t pull that face! Yes, learning new activities like surfing, trampolining, pilates, and rock climbing will be challenging but that means time will go fast, and all of a sudden your workout will be over. Bonus points – you’ll be working a million new muscles you never knew you had. If you’re looking to purchase some new training tools you can use at home, you can’t go wrong with a good Resistance Band Set – they have a vast variety of interesting products, like stretch tubes and balance balls that will certainly liven up your new exercise sessions.

Friendly competition with Pals

A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone; especially when it was between pals urging each other on to reach their dream body goals. Fact: everyone knows it’s a hard deal working out on your own – you have no one to hold you accountable or motivate you, thus it’s easier to slack off. So make a pact with some close friends – you’re all getting dream bodies by Day 60. Try out new workout classes, set dates every week where you meet up and go for a walk, and have dinner parties where you compete to make the healthiest, most delicious food. You’re ultimate goal is to support each other, but the competition helps too.

Manifestation Board

Create a visual board of why exactly you’re doing this. Whether your ultimate goal is for a wedding, a holiday, a general ambition to get fit, or whether you’re doing it for health – having physical images you look at every day helps motivate you. Put it on the fridge, put it on your bedside table, put it anywhere you look frequently. Also be sure to include motivational quotes that resonate with you and your journey in particular. Don’t make it a non-descript exercise scrapbook you could find in any magazine – make it relevant to you, your goals, and your lifestyle. It will be there for you when you’re struggling.

Set a Routine with a Reward System

Working out is a hard thing to muster strength for – both mentally and physically. One way to combat the inner fight you have whenever your alarm goes off at 6am is to make it a non-negotiable workout. Put it in your calendar and consider it written there with the strongest permanent marker ever. Of course – everyone loves a treat for their hard work… therefore give yourself small rewards every time you follow through with your workouts, reach your goals, and keep going back. Get a latte after that early morning workout, get a monthly massage, and go on a long weekend trip every six months. Everything in life is easier if we get presents – especially when it’s exercise you’re up against.

Healthy Eating

Now yes, in theory this may sound like advice your Mother told you but don’t stop reading yet – healthy eating is a staple in the ‘earn your dream body playbook’. It’s a classic for a reason. Eating foods that are good for you will definitely not seem as appealing as a cheeseburger and fries immediately, however with anything; the longer you stick with it, the easier it will seem. The variety of healthy snacks and meals available today is almost obscene. You will definitely never have any issues finding something suitable out. Plus, haven’t you heard? It’s cool to be healthy these days. Kale chips, acai bowls, chia seeds, quinoa… Eat up, and snap a picture for Instagram while you’re at it.

Getting the body you’ve always dreamed of is hard, but not impossible. The above steps will hopefully assist in you making some slight but significant changes to your lifestyle and workout regime. If you have any extra secret tips of yours, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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