How to Get Your Family to Do Chores Without Fighting

How to Get Your Family to Do Chores Without Fighting

Chores are definitely a daily annoyance that must be handled. If you allow chores to fall to the wayside, you will end up buried in things that need to be done by the weekend. A lot of the most basic household family chores are simply monotonous and not really difficult.

Basic Household Chores Include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Washing dishes
  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Doing laundry

Some of the More Time Consuming Include:

  • Organizing closets
  • Organizing junk drawers
  • Putting seasonal items away
  • Cleaning out storage, a garage, or a shed
  • Accumulating items for donations

Additional Chores That Can Be Done Weekly Include:

  • Tending to pet waste clean up
  • Cutting the grass
  • Upkeeping the outside of the home

So how do you allocate these chores to members of the family and how do you figure out who will do each chore? The answer is actually not as difficult as it may seem.

The first thing you can do is divide the chores by the family member’s age. Younger children are able to help with easier tasks that may include dusting end tables, fixtures, and kitchen pendants, dumping bathroom garbage cans, putting away shoes or jackets and even minor yard work such as pulling weeds.

Older children are able to do a bit more in the chore department so they should be able to help with laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and mopping. They should also be able to stay on top of their own closet organization under parental guidance. Adults will need to the chores that may be a bit more time consuming or in-depth such as lawn maintenance, fixing things around the house, or the larger chore projects that include garage and shed organization.

6 Good Ways to Keep the Family Involved in Chores

  • Create a chore chart to keep everyone on task
  • Remind children that responsibility is part of life and to be responsible for their own spaces
  • Have a reward system in place for chores that are completed
  • Family time can be spent together working around the house
  • Make it a challenge
  • Do it for charity

Create a Chore Chart to Keep Everyone on Task

Children thrive with charts. When they can reference what they are supposed to do and visually see what is expected of them and on what day at time, they will have an easier time keeping track of chores.

Remind Children That Responsibility Is Part of Life

It is important to instill responsibility at an early age. Remind your children that they are responsible for their belongings and keeping them in place and clean is part of having nice things.

Have a Reward System in Place for Chores Completed

Kids are encouraged to complete things when they know there is a reward coming. Establish a reward system for younger kids so they can work towards a prize for completing chores.

Family Time Spent Together Working Around the House

Let’s face it, sometimes we are all just very busy. With youth activities having parents in the car most evenings, it can be a bit exhausting to spend time together. Sometimes the only time families can bond over is meal time, commute time, and cleaning time. Take a room at a time and everyone picks something to clean, this encourages togetherness while getting the job done.

Make It a Challenge

Think of cleaning as a family game night just with the perks of a clean house. Give everyone a chore to do and then set a timer. Set rules so that everyone knows the expectations and doesn’t rush through their chore. Quality is just as important at speed in completing the chore. A little friendly competition amongst siblings can be healthy and when it comes to chore competition—everyone wins.

Do It for Charity

One great way to encourage your family to do their chores is to remind them they are doing them for someone else. When it comes time to clean out those closets or go through items in storage, you can donate all of that stuff to those in need. Your family members will feel like they are decluttering for a purpose and it will make the entire experience more joyful when they know their belongings will be put to good use by someone else.

Following these helpful tips will make chores a bit less stressful around the house.

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