How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

There’s nothing I dread more than a stinking room. Being an avid fan of room diffusers, I’m sure there’s nothing more soothing than a place that smells nice. Unfortunately, most room diffusers are insanely expensive, not to mention very fragile. Personally, I’m a huge believer in DIYs, so I decided to somehow make my own room diffuser. It took some tries, but here’s how I succeeded!

But First, What Is a Plaster Diffuser?

Simply put, a diffuser is a mechanical or electronic device that diffuses scent around itself. You can buy one at any of your local supermarkets or get one online. If you’re not willing to spend much, you can also make your own room diffuser!

DIY plaster diffusers are completely nontoxic. If you do it right, your own handmade DIY diffuser will a long, long way. You can use a plaster diffuser with oils, reeds, herbs, or artificial scents. Whichever aroma you prefer, a DIY plaster diffuser is the cheapest way to keep your rooms smelling delightful and welcoming.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Supplies for a Plastic Diffuser

Where to Purchase from?

Making a plastic diffuser requires only a handful of ingredients. You can usually find these at a nearby drugstore, thrift store, or art supplies store. If you have trouble finding suitable prices, you can probably try searching these supplies online.

Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and other stores have some of the best quality art supplies. If you search a little deeper, you can also find art bundles with all the essential supplies that this project requires.

You can also lookup artists on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Aside from sharing useful tips and tricks, these channels also carry out brand deals and collaborations. Availing their codes, discounts, and other themes, you’ll high-grade supplies even from expensive brands.

What Do You Need?

  • Plaster Powder:

Plaster powder isn’t hard to find. In fact, I’m sure many of you probably have some spare powder lying around somewhere! You can decide the amount of powder you need depending on the size and quantity of diffusers you want.

  • Natural Powder Pigment:

Plaster powder itself has a very dull texture and color. Though that doesn’t affect its usage, you can still consider using a pigment to make the diffuser look attractive. To step up your diffuser game, you can go for natural color pigments. Be sure to get something that complements the color tones of your room. Grey, black and white are also universal colors and go well with any type of room.

You can also purchase glitter or shiny pigments if you’re willing to get more creative. A combination of two or more pigments would also look good on a DIY plaster diffuser.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser
  • Plaster Mold:

Here’s where it gets exciting. There are tons of mold shapes, sizes, and designs you can get for your diffuser. Just be sure you have just enough plaster to fill the entire mold.

  • Glass Beaker:

You’ll use this to make the plaster mixture. Get a beaker that isn’t too heavy on your pocket.

  • Essential Oil:

Different essential oils are useful for different purposes. They work as appetite suppressants, germ repellents, stress relievers, health boosters, and more. For example, lavender essential oil can help sleep. These top twenty oils always work like a charm:

  1. Chamomile
  2. Lavender
  3. Sandalwood
  4. Rose
  5. Lemongrass
  6. Sweet marjoram
  7. Bergamot
  8. Tea tree
  9. Peppermint
  10. Spikenard
  11. Rosemary
  12. Geranium
  13. Lemon
  14. Eucalyptus
  15. Spearmint
  16. Cinnamon
  17. Basil
  18. Clary sage
  19. Mandarin
  20. Frankincense

Step-by-Step Instructions

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 1:

Find an empty and spacious area and spread an old newspaper. This will make it easy to clean the mess. Then, take your plaster powder and estimate how much you’ll need for the mold. Pour the plaster powder into the glass beaker. Use a funnel to avoid wasting any powder.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 2:

Pour some water in another beaker. Add it gradually to the beaker containing powder and stir well. Make a viscous paste that isn’t too thick or too thin. Stir thoroughly to get rid of all clumps and bubbles from the mixture. Add the powder pigment of your favorite color if you want to make colored ones.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 3:

Fill the mold with the mixture before it starts getting dry. Very carefully, pour the plaster mixture into the mold. Wear gloves and an apron to prevent getting the mixture on yourself. When the mold appears to be full, shake it so that the mixture settles down properly. Add more paste if there’s an empty space left inside the mold.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 4:

Keep the mold aside for approximately two hours so that the mixture solidifies. You can place it in the sunlight or any other warm environment. Leaving the mold in a wet setting can ruin the mixture and extend the solidification time period.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 5:

After the mixture has dried, remove it carefully from inside the mold. Place it separately and wash away the mold. You can reuse this mold to create more diffusers as well.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 6:

If you’ve already used powder pigment, you can skip painting the diffuser. But if you want to paint, why hold back? You can use acrylic colors and make abstract strokes. You can choose contrasting colors or go for variations of the same shade. You can also use glitter pigments or paint calligraphy. Stickers, charms, and keychains are also some cool DIY diffuser decorations. If you’re creative enough, you can also make a cover to protect the diffuser.

How To Make a DIY Plaster Diffuser

Step 7:

When you’re done, place your diffuser in your living room, bedroom, porch, bathroom, office, or wherever you wish. Choose an essential oil and let your room smell heavenly!


A plaster diffuser is easily one of the most creative and useful DIYs. It doesn’t require any expensive ingredients or complex ingenuity. You can also add colors, paints, glitter, etc., and create one of the most beautiful diffusers anyone has ever seen!

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