Dental Home Run with Tanner’s Tasty Paste

Tanner’s Tasty Paste is a creation by Dr. Janelle Holden, owner of a thriving dental practice in Manhattan Beach, California. By working with children everyday, Dr. Holden learned which flavors children respond to best when using toothpastes. This understanding of children’s favorite flavors has lead to the development of the Tanner’s Tasty Paste line of toothpastes for children. If children enjoy the flavors of their toothpastes, it is likely they’ll brush better and more often. And, if they brush better and more often, they’ll have fewer cavities! Basic common sense to live by.

Tanner's Tasty Paste Group Photo

What I first noticed about Tanner’s Tasty Paste was the colorful and creative tube design. The cartoon feel paired with a fun font makes it visually appealing to the younger group. The names are in a completely creative category of their own, cute enough to make even this tough mom smile. I mean come on who wouldn’t be interested in a toothpaste called Cha Cha Chocolate or Banilla Bling? Their cool and catchy. Que the jingle in my head.

Now let’s get past the exterior adorableness and decide is what is inside the tube is all that it’s cracked up to be.

Tanner's Tasty Paste Cha Cha Chocolate

I couldn’t help myself, my insane curiosity got the best of me and I called my daughter down the stairs to help momma try out this chocolate toothpaste. Upon opening the tube, I could see that the paste itself had a very light brown to it. So thinking we are going in the right direction. Then I put it up to my nose and took a whiff.

Ahhhh – yes, that truly smells like sweet chocolate!

The taste test review that yeap, this kid friendly toothpaste rocks in chocolate flavor. That is just so wrong yet amazingly right. A world were the words, “go brush your teeth with chocolate” is acceptable and healthy for your pearly whites. Okay, well it’s not really rushing your teeth with a chocolate bar but if that tidbit of flavor makes my kids want to brush three times a day, you can count me as good as sold.

Tanner's Tasty Paste Review

So far we are on day three of using Tanner’s Tasty Paste and my children continue to report that it indeed tastes like the first round. While it is way to early to tell if it is treating their teeth as well as their chocolate fetish, I feel comfortable knowing that this product was created by a pediatric dentist and is an anti-cavity, fluoride toothpaste. I am excited for more positive dental health memories!

What flavor do you think sounds more appealing?

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