DD Update: Tale of the broken arm.

Today was a better day!

My DD demanded that I take a photo and put it on mommie’s work so that everyone could see he feels better today. Now while he maybe smiling this Mom’s heart is still full of worry.

My hubby ventured to take DD for his follow-up appointment today and he was less than pleased. I think him seeing the xrays up close and personal brought the seriousness of our 5 year old DD’s injury to light. Even today it is clear the radius continues to move out of place and the slow progress of the ulna healing is leaving us with an uncertain future. It is possible my DD will never play sports, he is still high risk for permanent nerve damage and could even lose the use of his elbow.

I keep running it over and over in my mind. I understand how injuries such as these happen but he is so young and why, oh, why! All I can do at this point is take the best care of him possible while holding steedy to the idea of a normal, bright future.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers.

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