Creating Your Family Home Office

Creating Your Family Home Office

Many of us have found it useful to have a bit of desk space in our home, whether it’s for work, study or family projects. However, if you use the space a lot, you may be thinking of creating a new family home office. This can be the perfect solution to your work-life balance. But how do you set the space up to be functional yet homely? And what costs might be involved?

Setting it up

An empty room is an excellent blank canvas for creating your dream home office. But before you get carried away ordering your new desk, there’s a few practicalities to consider. Who will be using the space? Is it simply for work, or is it for a mix of work, study and family crafts? This will affect how much desk space or work surface you’ll need make room for. 

Once you’ve worked out the basic function of the room, you’ll be able to think about what flooring and lighting will be useful. For example, the floor might need to withstand scuffs from chair legs and wear from feet. So, you may wish to spend a bit more on a durable hardwood floor, or you may look at more affordable vinyl or laminate flooring costs

Lighting is another important basic to get right. If there’s not much natural light, will one ceiling light be enough? You may decide that a row of adjustable spotlights will work better, or simply add a task lamp for extra brightness.

Getting the furniture right

Picking the first desk you see, or one that looks the most affordable, might not be a good idea. So, how do you find the perfect desk? 

If you’re just working on a laptop with no extra equipment, then you may not need a big desk. But if you’re using a desktop computer, printer, phone and extra screens, you’re going to need more workspace. Everything will need to be within reach and at the right level. Look for desks with ergonomic features, so you get the best design for comfortable working. The electronic adjustable effy standing desks are a great option to reduce fatigue while working.

If you’ve got other family members using the room, do you want them to share your desk, or will you add a separate desk or table for them to use? 

Making it part of the home

We all know that a bare office can suck your creativity and positivity, so it’s important to make an office space part of the home. However, you’ll need to make sure you don’t fill it with too much clutter as it could be distracting. 

Add items that will be homely and useful. Plants are great for connecting you to the outside and improving air quality. Pictures can be good for inspiration. And decorative stationery can add color as well as being practical.

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