5 Coupon Codes To Help Get You Out Of The Country

5 Coupon Codes To Help Get You Out Of The Country

If you are like most people, one of your dreams is to travel, discover new places, and enjoy unique adventures. According to several studies, those who hesitate to travel have at least one of the following reasons: insufficient funds, fear of new, maybe dangerous situations or environments, and unwillingness to leave the comfort zone.

Of these three reasons, insufficient funds are the easiest to solve. With the help of coupon websites like CouponCause.com, you can find fresh and valid travel coupons and discount vouchers that genuinely can make an overseas trip very affordable and comfortable!

5 Coupon Codes To Help Get You Out Of The Country

Leisure Travel

Some of the exciting discounts and codes you can use right now include Travelocity’s 40% off on their daily deals or $50 discount with Hotels.com using the code SLOPES50, 25$ off on hotel accommodations in St. Petersburg through TripAdvisor. As for the two other reasons why Americans hesitate to travel internationally, it should ease your mind to know that according to the State Department, death while traveling abroad is very rare – even more so if caused by terrorist attack or crime.

Although less than 40% of US population travel overseas, the ones who do like to visit foreign countries, travel frequently. Ask them, and they will typically answer that traveling outside the country is liberating, educational, and fun. Aside from trying to reconnect with family roots, most Americans prefer to be pampered and enjoy the best of what a country has to offer. They ask for only three things: to be safe, to have enough space, and to be in clean surroundings.

Medical Travel

Last 2017, about 1.4 million Americans chose to travel outside the country for medical reasons. The cost of medical treatment in the country is exorbitant compared to similar treatments in other countries that can offer first class facilities and topnotch physicians.
One of the top destination of US medical tourists is Costa Rica in Central America. Luckily, there is a discount code, AA118, with Apple Vacations for $100 off on airplane tickets to Central and South America! Or, you can opt for the $15 off discount with CheapFlightNow using the code SAVE15 if you prefer to visit another country for your medical procedure. The other top destinations highly recommended by experts are Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Turkey.

Business Travel

For 2017, international business trips originating from the U.S. rose by 9.6% or more than 29.6 million mostly traveling to European countries. Finally, a helpful tip for US businesses interested in building an international business network is to travel to trade shows to meet foreign buyers and suppliers. Inquiring at the US embassy in the country where you want to do business is one way to get current and valid information.

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