The Journey for Coffee Lovers Plantations You Should See for Yourself

The Journey for Coffee Lovers Plantations You Should See for Yourself

Traveling and having an amazing cup of coffee: what can be better? If you are a caffeine addict who loves visiting new places, this article is right for you. Discover the most well-known coffee plantations you should see with your own eyes below. 

Before You Start Choosing The Destinations 

There is nothing new that traveling during the global pandemic has lots of limitations. If you are forced to stay at home because of this reason, there is still something you can do before you get a chance to travel. 

First of all, it might be a good idea to explore the best beans you can try in different countries. Moreover, some good beans for espressod are available to order online, so you can get an experience of trying new tastes and aromas without leaving home. 

Second, you can shop for a modern and easy-to-use coffee machine that can help you prepare fantastic coffee from the beans you will purchase during your journeys. Many coffee makers under 50 can prepare different caffeine beverages for you in a blink of an eye. 

Third, you can find out which sorts of coffee you would like to try. For example, many enthusiasts would like to degust the best peruvian coffee. After all, it’s time to choose the best travel destinations that worth the attention of any coffee lover. 

The Journey for Coffee Lovers Plantations You Should See for Yourself

Top Tours For Caffeine Enthusiasts 

As many caffeine admirers already know, the most well-known places for growing coffee are located in the Caribbean, Central and South America, East Africa, and Asia. But what destinations are the most popular for tourism? Discover the list of the most inspiring spots you are likely to enjoy. 


This country is considered to be a paradise for coffee lovers. If you would like to visit a place where the most flavorful coffee of the highest quality grows, this is the right place for you. Boquete region is known for cultivating the most expensive sorts of coffee. Moreover, there are numerous tours to this place you can effortlessly book beforehand. 

Thousands of tourists visit Panama’s Boquete region each year to see picturesque plantations and try Geisha coffee, the world-known drink. It is known to be one of the most pricey sorts of coffee. If you try it anywhere outside Panama, get ready to pay over $600 per cup. However, you can buy it only for $10 when traveling to the Boquete area.


This country is a country of origin of lots of different sorts of coffee. Columbia can boast of having a climate that is extremely good for planting java. You can visit different regions of the country and try various sorts of your favorite caffeine drinks with no limits. There are lots of stylish boutiques, small cafes, and restaurants that offer the best caffeine drinks you can ever try.

But what if you would like to see Colombian plantations? That’s easy! You can visit a coffee theme park located in the heart of this beautiful country. The park has dozens of tourist spots, from huge plantations to roller coasters and stalls that allow you to learn more about the world of java. 

Colombian countryside is another great solution to see coffee plantations where there are no crowds of tourists. You can enjoy staying at special farms (some of them offer accommodation), explore the process of cultivating, and just enjoy amazing landscapes. 

Costa Rica 

Have you ever heard of golden bean? This is a unique sort of coffee grown in Costa Rica. If you would like to visit an environmentally friendly country that cultivates beans with no pesticides or harmful substances, Costa Rica is the best one to suit your needs. All the beans grown in this country are handpicked and hand-produced. In case you want to try organic coffee and enjoy its pure taste and aroma, it is surely a great place to visit. 

Costa Rica offers dozens of tours that can be booked in advance. One of the most attractive ones is Finca Rosa Blanca, a tour to the enormous java plantation. The landscapes in this area are breathtaking – the plantation is located between volcanoes. Here, you can see the entire process of growing coffee with your own eyes, starting from planting seeds to processing and blending. 

Another excellent place to visit in the country is the Doka Estate, a famous plantation near San Jose. This is one of the oldest businesses for producing coffee in the country. If you are interested in the history of coffee, the Doka Estate is a must-visit place in Costa Rica for you. 

The number of tourist destinations that allow you to see plantations is not limited to the countries mentioned above. It might also be great to visit Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and other countries that remain the world-known coffee producers for years. 

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