Clever Ways to Remember Those Great Family Moments

The moments spent with your family probably include some of the most precious moments that you will experience in your lifetime. If you’re like many people you want to capture and preserve some of those special moments your family has shared together. Sometimes viewing photos that have been stored on your hard drive along with your current resume or shoving ticket stubs in a drawer with your phonebook from three years ago just doesn’t seem to do those moments justice. What you need is a clever way to preserve your memories.

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Custom Photo Book

One way to remember those precious moments with your family is to create a custom photo book. Long gone are the days of placing your photos on adhesive back pages in spiral bound photo albums. A custom photo book is designed by you and your photos are printed right onto the pages of the book. Often you can include text as well as photos. There are usually several different options available for customizing your photo book such as cover styles, background colors, fonts and more so your book can be just as unique as your family is. Creating a customized photo book is only a click away in this digital age. PrintedMemories can help turn your precious family memories from your Facebook account into one stunning photo book. You can also think outside of the box when you create your book. Besides snapshots of people and places you could scan artwork from your children, an event program, a family recipe or maybe even a special gift tag and immortalize them in the pages of your book. It’s a nice alternative to a classic scrapbook.


Another way to remember those great family moments is with a shadowbox. Sometimes you have items that just can’t be preserved in a book that you want to keep to memorialize those once in a lifetime moments. A shadowbox can display a seashell, a vial of sand and some sea glass from your beach vacation or the shoes your daughter was wearing when she took her first step and the ballet slippers from her first recital. Shadowboxes will keep your items safe and organized while on display. Think of shadowboxes as your family’s own miniature museum.

Audio Recording

If you’re more of an audio person and less of a visual person consider capturing family memories on an audio recording. You may want to make the recording all on your own and narrate the events from your point of view or you may want the input of others to make the memories come to life in your recordings.

Author Bio: Annabelle Smyth is a blogger that is promoting booklets with wire coils for customized printing. She enjoys blogging about family and home and is a mother of two.

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