CBD for Anxiety: Talk Yourself out of Stress and Anxiety

MedsBiotech: Talk Yourself out of Stress and Anxiety

Positive self-talk is not a bunch of hooey. It can and does work when practiced on a regular basis. You might be surprised if you knew what some of the most successful people you know were thinking. You might even laugh a little too. While we don’t know their thoughts for sure, but you better bet they don’t involve negative thoughts and some make use of CBD for anxiety.

Find out how you can learn to talk yourself out of stress and anxiety using a few of the best self-positivity secrets below.

MedsBiotech: Talk Yourself out of Stress and Anxiety

The Reality of Stress and Anxiety

Often the person who beats you up the most and denigrates you is YOU! Others might use words that can be heard, but your mind is more insidious than that. At every turn, there are those dark thoughts just waiting to spring into action when you decide to try something new or experience an obstacle.

What do those thoughts say to you? Things like:

“You’ll never be able to handle a new position at work.”
“You are not smart enough or pretty enough to be noticed.”
“You are kidding yourself if you think that you can get a loan.”
“See, I told you so. This setback is a sign of more bad things to come.”

Have you ever heard this tape playing in your head? Don’t scoff! It’s a force to be reckoned with and one that we need to shut down now. That negative self-talk adds to potentially stressful situations that you face. It could be the difference between remaining on an even keel and experiencing total meltdown. And no one wants to have a freak out moment in private or in public.

The Solution to Stress and Anxiety

How can you turn potentially stressful situations into manageable occurrences? It all begins with reprogramming the tape that is on repeat in your head. Instead of spewing negative thoughts, teach it to speak positive and realistic affirmations at every turn. This will be hard at first but it won’t take too long before your negative ways are behind you. If you find that you are having trouble and hit a shame wall, try adding CBD Capsules to your routine. This will help calm your mind and body. Allowing you to get back to what is most important, YOU! You can learn more about CBD oil effects here.

Self-talk is not about telling yourself that everything will be rainbows and unicorns. After all, this exercise is not about falsities. It is about tapping into the channel of realism to help you see a better solution besides going right for the negative side of things. For instance, a setback is usually not fatal. There are solutions at your disposal but that fact is hard to come by if your mind is constantly filled with harsh and unfounded thoughts. We are exposed to hurdles each day of our lives. The trick is to breathe through them and try to find the good with the bad while developing a plan of action.

Follow these tips to assist with reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

* Check the facts – When your brain tells you that you can’t do something, ask it why not. Run through the actual facts of the situation at hand. Discard assumptions so only what is truly real remains. Don’t back down from a challenge just because it is the normal thing you would do. Personal growth starts with a positive outlook.

* Count your blessings – If you were so worthless, how could there be anything to count? Nonetheless, when you can find good things in your life to highlight, there is hope. Recount your blessings each day. Start with your family, friends, health. And if those things are not enough, take the simple parts of the day: the sun came out, your washed your hair without interruption, you finished your daily work before leaving for the day. There is a tremendous amount of joy to be found in the small aspects of life.

* Find positive individuals – Those who are successful and proactive often associate with like-minded people. Bring yourself upward by finding other upwardly mobile people. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box. You can find a positive presence in groups, church, other family members and co-workers.

* Make a change – The company you keep or the image you project could be fueling your stress. Choose a new wardrobe with clothing that reflects a happier and more confident self-image. Move away from friends who have nothing but bad things to say.

Change is scary in the beginning and we all find ourselves falling into the norm from time to time. Just keep moving forward in your new positive thinking lifestyle. Remember, it is possible to speak life and truth and peace into your life.

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Mrs. Hatland is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.