Go green and shop top retailer’s catalogs right from your phone or tablet with The Catalogue App from TheFind.com

I adore, really adore catalog shopping. In fact it is a small pastime of mine especially during long car rides and on flights. It helps ease the tension for me and help keeps this busy momma up to date on the current trends for my green home, fashion, beauty and tech loving home.

stressed catalog shopper

The problem
What happens when I find something one on of my catalog shopping excursions that I wish to buy? (Keep in mind I am trapped in a car or in the air.) Absolutely nothing! I often forget after my long trip that I wanted to place an order or which catalog or which page the item(s) we on. Then the catalogs get tossed in the trash which is a shame in itself as I hate to be wasteful. But seriously there is only so many collages my daughters can create before my house is overflowing with recycled art.

The Catalogue App by TheFind.com

The solution
The Catalogue App by TheFind.com ~ This free app is available for apple and android powered devices and best of all is free. At any moment of the day, no matter where I am, I can access around 95 merchants and nearly 200 catalog issues! This is truly a catalog shoppers dream come true. No more toting gobs of wasteful paper hear and there. Simply access the best of catalog shopping right from the device of your choice.

Shopping the summer selection offered by Hanna Anderson

The power to buy at your fingertips
In most cases, when you find something you simply cannot live without on while using Catalogue, just click on the product and you are redirected to the product page on the merchant’s website. From there you can proceed to place your order. Catalog shopping gratification obtained in the modern land of savvy gadget using human beings provided to you free of charge when using Catalogue!

get on the email list with ease

Catalogue also features store email that allows the user to obtain the most recent deals and promotions put out by the brand. News and upcoming events are also collated conveniently inside the app. Here the user can find the best deals and discounts without having to clog their regular email account with unwanted spam.

Here is a list of the top merchants that Catalogue feature regularly:

Catalogue offers a “green” alternative to the classic catalog shopping:

  • 5.6 million tons of catalogs and other direct mail advertisements end up in U.S. landfills annually.
  • The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail equal to 1.5 trees every year—more than 100 million trees for all U.S. households combined.
  • 44 percent of junk mail is thrown away unopened, but only half that much junk mail (22 percent) is recycled.
  • Americans pay $370 million annually to dispose of junk mail that doesn’t get recycled.
  • On average, Americans spend 8 months opening junk mail in the course of their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Go green and shop top retailer’s catalogs right from your phone or tablet with The Catalogue App from TheFind.com.

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