Cars Land Radiator Springs Experience at Disneyland

When I stepped out of LAX airport last week, little did I know that I would return to my childhood days in less than 24 hours later. Surely Disneyland in California must have this effect on all of us. It was a sight to make even this super serious mom smile from ear to ear. Watching little girls dance merrily through the crowded streets in full princess gear and adults with bedazzled Mickey Mouse ears, could only bring out the kid in me once again.

Cars Land was of my main event stops. From the entrance of Radiator Springs, I immediately felt as if I was walking through a scene of Disney’s Cars. The outer shells of the buildings were properly placed and mirrored the decor of the film. You get that giddy feelings looking around going wow, this is what it looks like up close. Once you enter each of these facilities, you are taken into the world in itself through each shop and ideally you are seeing, what it would look like in the creator’s mind. No detail was left out; no stone unturned. It is a fabulous display of film brought to life.

The walk through Cars Land eventually lead to Radiator Springs Racers, the ride of choice. For a few moments the group of DisneyinHomeBloggers watched as the character cars races past us, speeding towards the win.

Finally it was my turn to step into Lightening McQueen’s car taking a dark journey through a Cars experience. After a few twists turns and some magically talking cars, we were hopped up for a tire change and awaited the race to begin! Beside us pulled up Sally holding another smiling 6 passengers. A few revs of the engine and we are off. Speeding through the mountain top. wind blowing in my hair and a few unforeseen turns. At last we lost, but I had a whole lot of fun getting there!

Disclosure: I received accommodations and travel associated with #disneyinhomebloggers /Disney Press event. No additional compensation has been received. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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