Candy Club Review: Must Have Sweet Treat Subscription Box

Candy Club Review: Must Have Sweet Treat Subscription Box

Amazingly delicious, premium candies, delivered to your door every month. Who could say no? Especially when they offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back clause! We have tried many sweet treat subscriptions and this one thus far is one of our favorites. Read on for our Candy Club review experience and then try them out for yourselves by subscribing here.

Candy Club Review: Must Have Sweet Treat Subscription Box

Candy Club is the Premiere Candy of the Month Club. Each box is packed with three amazing candies of your choosing plus candy splash, just a little something extra for everyone to enjoy. In our last two boxes, Zotz were included which is a hard to find candy from my childhood. Needless to say, I was very excited to see them once again.

Candy Club is the Premiere Candy of the Month Club.

Candy Club offers members a choice of a Monthly, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. Of course, the 12 month prepaid is the best value at $21.99 a month plus shipping. Subscribe Now!

To get you started, take the candy quiz which tests your taste buds to recommend scrumptious candies just right for you! Then, explore their suggestions and select the candies you want to have included in your subscription box. Not seeing what you want? No worries, you can pick from their entire selection of delicious treats at anytime. After you have made your mind up, order and wait for the mail to arrive. It’s that simple.

Here is what we choice in our box:

Albanese Milk Chocolate Cashews

Albanese Milk Chocolate Cashews – This characteristic cashew crunch gets the creamy chocolate treatment in these deliciously rich morsels. We went bonkers for their smooth coating and toasty-sweet flavor!

Dorval Sour Power Green Apple Belts

Albanese RWB Gummi Soldiers – These red, white, and blue gummy soldiers came out of the Candy Box in full gear! Each is 2-3 inches in height and these powerful candies are equally big on fruity flavor. This was by far Elliot’s favorite as he is a larger than life gummie fan.

Dorval Sour Power Green Apple Belts

Dorval Sour Power Green Apple Belts – This tart and sweet sour belt delivers a genuine taste of green apple, as if you were to bite into one on the spot. Flavorful and juicy with just the right amount of pucker power makes this treat my personal favorite! We played a game to see who could eat one without making the face. Let’s just say, mom lost this round but is ready for the next as we are going with this one again.

Even better, Candy Club offers a Sweet Rewards program which is a delightfully fun and easy way to add some extra sweetness into your Candy Club subscription! This allows members to earn points towards FREE Candy Rewards and the easy tasks are simple, examples: rating candies and sharing Candy Club on Facebook.

How to get a FREE CANDY CLUB BOX – All you have to do is send a referral link to your buddies using the form below. If they subscribe to Candy Club, they’ll get their first box of candies free of charge, and you’ll get your next box of candies on the house! That’s a $35 value for each of you – you and your friend.

Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! With its incredible selection of delightfully unique confections, Candy Club guarantees something new and delectable to discover in every box, and creates sweet moments to share every month!

Which Candy Club treat will you try first?

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