15 Things You May Not Think to Bring on a Camping Trip

Camping is a means of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. It gives you a chance to get back to your roots and connect with nature. You certainly do not want or need to bring all of your electronics because that would defeat the purpose! So, set aside your laptop, tablet and game systems and take a look at some things you need and may not think to bring on a camping trip.

Camping Trip

Unsure what is considered a necessity and what isn’t when it comes to camping? Here’s a list of 15 things you may want to add to your camping gear on your next trip to the great outdoors!

  1. The Right Tent: Always go a size/person up to allow for odds and ends you may need to store in the tent. You never realize how much needs to be in the tent until you run out of room.
  2. Backup Cooking Methods: If it happens to suddenly downpour while you’re out, or you are staying for more than a couple days, having to light a fire every time you need anything heated can be hard. Make sure to bring backup cooking methods, such as a small gas cooking stove, just in case.
  3. Reading Material: You’ll want a bit of reading material to bide the time in case of bad weather or a mild injury keeps you down. Unless, of course, you’re fond of staring contests with the local wildlife!
  4. Comfortable Bedding: Consider an inflatable mattress and definitely a pillow or two. If you want to skip the mattress, make sure to get a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag that will protect you from the elements and keep you comfy.
  5. Adequate Lighting: Pack a battery-operated and/or solar-powered lantern. This will keep things lit properly and allow more time for you to enjoy the great outdoors!
  6. Cutting Board: If you plan on cooking anything that doesn’t require a stick over the fire, you will want to include a cutting board and probably a knife or two. Roughing it doesn’t mean eating just junk!
  7. Trash Bags: You’re going camping to enjoy the outdoors, so don’t wreck it with garbage! Make sure to pack some trash bags so others can enjoy the same beautiful campsite after you’re gone.
  8. Baby Wipes: These can take the place of toilet paper and paper towels. They usually come in resealable containers to protect them from the elements and are much more useful in a variety of situations.
  9. Bug Spray: Yes, you are outdoors and there are bugs! Bring enough repellent so you don’t spend the entire time itching from head to toe.
  10. Bug Bite Relief: Even when you think you’ve covered yourself with enough bug spray, there’s always going to be a space untouched and rest assured, a bug will probably find it. Bring some relief for those bites, just in case.
  11. Extra Socks: Weather can be unpredictable and so can your footing. Make sure to bring extra socks just in case your feet end up getting a bit wet. Also, make sure to bring long socks to avoid ticks.
  12. Sun Block: Even if you’re in the middle of the woods, you’re still going to get exposure to some sunlight. Stay protected by packing some sun block.
  13. Swiss Army Knife: Always a camper’s best friend, this multi-use tool can take the place of so many must-haves that you can save room by not bringing. And you can fill that room with S’mores supplies!
  14. Compass and Map: Bring these, especially if you’re not in the middle of a well-populated campground. Even the most attentive person can get lost sometimes.
  15. Backpacks: While camping, you’ll most likely go on a hike at some point so throw a backpack or two in with your gear so you can carry essentials while on the go.

Camping is a fun and rewarding experience. Unplug from the world and relax with family and friends or even by yourself. Just make sure to pack everything you will need to be safe and have a great time!

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