Calico Critters Town Series is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season + Giveaway

Calico Critters Town Series is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

At some point most kids bond to playing with dolls or action figures. For my youngest daughter it was Calico Critters, a line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories. She loves all things animal related and being able to use imaginative play with these characters was an ideal combination!

This year the town series is all the rage and highly requested on lists around the globe. Featuring a stunning Calico Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift Set and Calico Critters Designer Studio, even I have to agree to the appeal. A stunning collection with old lux flair!

Calico Critters Town Series is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Calico Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift Set

Stella Hopscotch Rabbit upgrades her home with a stylish two-story manor in the Elegant Town Manor Gift Set.  It features a gold-stained chandelier hanging down from the new home’s high ceiling, furniture, windows, railings, a terrace, balcony, spiral staircase, and a detachable roof that can be placed on other Town buildings. The Elegant Town Manor Gift Set can also connect to the Designer Studio to create Stella’s Grand Residence. This gift set comes complete with a specially outfitted Stella character.

Calico Critters Town Series is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Calico Critters Designer Studio

Stella Hopscotch Rabbit’s original home is a stylish Designer Studio featuring a luxurious sofa, tiny table and tea set.  This play set comes complete with a specially outfitted Stella character. Just like all the individual play sets, the Designer Studio can be connected to the other Town structures. 

Calico Critters Town Series is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The Town Series is a lovely addition to a growing collection that includes the tree school, caravan and ferris wheel Ruby owns to date. We can only wait for new pieces to arrive and eventually she will have well an entire town of adorable Calico Critters.

Which Calico Critters is your favorite?

Calico Critters Designer Studio Giveaway

Giveaway open to US/CAN only. Must be 18+ or have parents permission to enter. Only one entry per household allowed. Prizing and samples provided by Calico Critters and shipped by MDefined. Giveaway ends January 2, 2020. Visit Giveaway Terms & Conditions for additional details and rules.

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  1. My granddaughter would love this cute playhouse! I think the Persian Cat Triplets are really cute. Thanks!

  2. My daughter loves calico critters. They come in so many different characters and sizes. They are great for play and keep her imagination going wild!!

  3. I love the Grand Department Store. These are so realistically adorable. My granddaughter has a few of the characters and she loves them so much.

  4. OMG! My 3 yr old niece would love this!!! She adores animals. She doesn’t play with dolls. Only animal toys.

  5. I am pretty certain my granddaughter would like them all, but the panda family might be her favorite.

  6. My favorite family is the Oink Pig Family! But I love them all – they’re all so cute! Calico Critters are my favorite things ever!

  7. My grand daughters would love to play with calico critters ,love the gingerbread playhouse!

  8. I wish I had all of the Calico Critters for my granddaughter but my favorite is the Sweatpea Rabbit Family.

  9. Love the baby party series. These are so fun. I have at my home for grandkids to play with and they love it

  10. my daughters would love the Adventure Tree House play set and hopper kangeroo family are my favorite

  11. Grand department store gift set along with the critters – got to have the whole package! Thanks for this site, it is something I know my granddaughters would enjoy!

  12. The Gingerbread Playhouse would be so cute to add on to the home for the holidays, these are such cute sets, I love them all

  13. The Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family set is so cute !!! Would love to start this collection for my niece . She is the perfect age for it .

  14. I absolutely adore Calico Critters, but the Halloween Playhouse with the chipmunk baby in a ghost costume just steals my heart 😍

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