Why Brunswick, Georgia, Should Be Your Next Family Vacation Destination

It’s time for your annual family vacation, or maybe it’s the perfect opportunity for a spontaneous family getaway. You’ve been to the theme parks and you’ve traveled abroad, but now you’re stuck trying to figure out how to make the next vacation a memorable one. Let this vacation be a relaxing one. You’re done with the hustle and bustle and now it’s time for some gorgeous scenery and fresh air. Take a trip to Brunswick, Georgia, and you’ll be glad you took the time to take a breath.

Things to Do

It’s not always easy to find something for the whole family to enjoy, but Brunswick has plenty of opportunities for adventure or relaxation — depending on the mood of your family. Brunswick is a small, coastal city that is the mainland to a set of four barrier islands called the Golden Isles.

Each island is only a short trip from Brunswick with rich historical backgrounds for museum lovers and a variety of eco-activities for nature buffs. Take a trip on shrimp boats, go for a golf-outing, enjoy peaceful strolls on beautiful trails, visit nature and heritage centers, or awe in the beauty of Victorian architecture. With four islands to explore, there is bound to be something exciting for everyone.

Where to Stay

If you’re planning on exploring all the islands, staying in Brunswick is the best option. Its location gives easy access to the surrounding islands, and you’ll have the comfort and friendliness that a small town brings. You’ll want to stay somewhere particularly central so you have the freedom to travel to the islands without being too far from your hotel. You never know when you’ll need a change of clothes or a nap between activities. There are plenty of hotels available, from affordable to luxurious, so it’ll be easy to find the right one for you and your family.

Getting Around

There are few options for getting around Brunswick and the Golden Isles. If you drive, you have transportation figured out and everything is just a short drive away. GA-17 will take you directly to Jekyll Island and Torras Causeway will take you to St. Simons Island and Sea Island. Little St. Simons Island is only accessible by private boat. It departs from the Hampton River Marina on the north end of the larger St. Simons Island. You can reserve lodgings or the whole island, or just take a day trip.

If you fly, take a train, or bus into Brunswick, you may want to opt for a rental car. Having the ability to bring lunch, snacks, water, and more is a great convenience to have, especially with children. You want a stress-free vacation. However, if you want to skip the car rental fee, taxis and shuttles are also available.

Make your next trip a relaxing vacation and leave the busy rhythm of normal life at home. With four islands, nature trails, museums, and plenty of beaches, you’ll be able to vacation at your own pace. The whole family deserves a chance to bond and recharge among the beauty of Brunswick so start planning!

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