Brolly Sheets offers a discreet, simple solution to toddler wet wetting.

Potty training can be one of the most difficult things a parent and child must endure at a young age. Some take to it with easy and some are met with many stumbling blocks including bed wetting. For me wetting the bed was the worst with my youngest daughter. In fact she did so up until she was five. Personally changing pee pee bed linens was not the high light of my week. Though we endured it and made it through successfully.

With my two year old training early, I wanted to be better prepared. So when Brolly Sheets introduced me to a discreet, simple solution to a wet bed. I was all over it. The process is simple: just tuck in on top of fitted sheet, then simply replace when wet. There’s no need to completely strip the bed so they save time, washing (and sanity!). So far we have had only a few accidents and not having to change all the linens was like a breathe of fresh air.

I have seen fantastic success with Brolly Sheets. After 3 bed wetting incidents, I can report not once did we have a leek to the sheet below. Only once did we find the top sheet a bit damp but I assume that is from the movement of my child during the night.

Brolly Sheet Details:

All Brolly Sheets have a 100% quilted cotton comfy top layer, super absorbent middle layer and waterproof backing layer; a combination that is sure to keep your child’s bottom sheet and mattress dry. Unlike traditional mattress protectors, Brolly Sheets are soft to the touch and do not rustle or make noise when your child moves. Brolly Sheets are super absorbent, with a capacity to hold up to half a gallon of liquid and when wet, it only takes seconds to replace with another. This means no more complete bed strips in the middle of the night! Offered in a range of funky colors, Brolly Sheets look nothing like traditional mattress protectors and can be perfectly matched with bedroom décor and bedding. Brolly Sheets are available in twin and queen sizes.

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