A Whole New You: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

A Whole New You: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

There are millions of people who choose to have breast augmentation surgery each year. While this is true, there are many people who have questions about the procedure and the possible benefits it offers. For those who have their own questions, find answers to some of the ones that are most asked about this cosmetic procedure here.

1. What Does the Procedure Cost?

When it comes to breast augmentation, one of the first things most people want to know is how much it will cost. While this all depends, a person can expect to spend well over $10,000, but this all depends on the size and type of implant selected. Remember, there may be other fees tacked on to this price tag, too, such as surgeon fees, hospital costs, anesthesia fees, the actual cost of the implants, care after surgery, management of the scar, and ongoing care and check-ups.

2. How Can a Person Select the Right Implant?

It’s important to make sure a person doesn’t have any preconceived ideas about the implant they want before they go in for a consultation. A surgeon is going to guide a patient through the process that must be followed to choose the right implants. This process is going to consider the current size and shape of a person’s breasts along with the goals they have for after the procedure.

3. Will the Implant Go Under or Over the Muscle?

If someone chooses the submuscular placement, it will provide a much softer appearance, but a subglandular option will seem more rounded in some people. This option will help to enhance the natural shape of a woman’s breast.

One of the biggest advantages of putting the implant under the muscle is the additional padding present on the upper edge of the implant, which is especially beneficial for thinner women. While this is true, there are some women who choose to have the implant placed over the muscle. The biggest benefit of this is being able to avoid movement that often occurs with submuscular implants.

4. Can the Doctor Create the Same Look a Patient Sees in a Magazine?

Most patients will look at celebrities and others who have what they consider “nice breasts.” They may use this as a reference for what they are looking for. Remember, though, this procedure enhances a woman’s natural breast, which means there is no way to mimic someone else’s breasts, no matter how talented a surgeon is.

5. Will Surgery Require the Patient to Stay Overnight?

In most cases, the answer to this is “no.” With the breast augmentation procedure, a person will have something done that is mostly straightforward and safe. Usually, the entire surgical procedure is done with general anesthesia. Also, most people who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery are fit and healthy, which makes it even easier to heal and recover after the procedure is complete.

Considering the information and the benefits offered by this procedure can help a person make the decision regarding if they want to move forward with this. There is no question that breast augmentation can provide a person with more self-confidence, but it is surgery and is a decision that needs to be made carefully. Keep all the information and questions here in mind to make an informed decision regarding getting breast implants.

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