Getting to know the Boxer Bots

Real Steel is one of those movies that on opening weekend, we dared to pack all three of our older children (ages 7, 6 and 5) into the suv and off to the theater we went. After fighting the busy college crowd and gathering our goodies, we grabs our seats and surprising didn’t hear another peep from my hyper crew. Yes, it was really that good – full Real Steel Review coming soon.

Get to know the Boxer Bots before the January 24th release of REAL STEEL on Blu-ray & DVD!

Ambush is a low-rent circuit bot. The best fight that Charlie can arrange for Ambush is literally against a piece of livestock.

Atom may not be in the biggest or the flashiest bot in the ring, but he is the most extraordinary. He is the “hero” robot.

Colored in gold and red, Midas sports a mohawk. He’s a brawler. He follows no rules. He’ll use whatever means necessary to win a fight.

Noisy Boy is a former league bot. When he started losing fights, he was exiled to doing boxing exhibitions in South America and Asia. He’s now back, but he’s no longer league caliber, so he’s fighting in underworld venues.

With a block-shaped upper body, Twin Cities is a vicious two-headed robot!

Zeus is the champ of the WRB. He is enormous. He is described as “The Death Star.” He is painted reflected black. He has piston-programmed punch mechanisms in his arms. Not only has Zeus never been beaten, but also, no other robot has even survived beyond the first round with him.

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