Back to School Fashion with Imperial Toy BJWT Bracelets

As an animal lovers, we are always helping out shelters and charities when we are able. From being a foster family to donating time, goods and money, you bet we are there to lend a helping hand. So when Imperial Toys announced their collaboration with BJWT (Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation), we were there excited to see what adorable bracelets would be released for sale to the public.

Back to School Fashion with Imperial Toy BJWT Bracelets

Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation (BJWT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue animals in need from sad and difficult circumstances. This Foundation provides animals with a home, nutritious food, great medical care and a life of dignity and love. A place after my own heart!

BJWT Bracelet Showcase

For 30 years, Imperial Toy has provided endless fun for people of all ages with award-winning proprietary brands, innovative products and the hottest nationally and internationally-known licenses. Cool hua? With their newest addition, Imperial Toy created bracelets inspired by the animals that BJWT strives to protect and care for. The proceeds from the purchase of these bracelets will support BJWT’s operations. That’s right, sales go to support these lovely creatures in need.

Achilles BJWT Bracelet

The Achilles themed BJWT Bracelet was Dylan’s absolute favorite. Such a strong adult tiger with a face that shows grace. The bracelet itself was a beautiful baby blue with yellow accents. It’s one he wears with pride!

Imperial Toy BJWT Bracelet Designs

Imperial Toy BJWT Bracelets Designs

BJWT bracelets are available in many designs and are sold for .95 cents each! That’s a small drop in the bucket to help save a life. Not to mention they are fashionable and the bracelet style has become very popular over the last few years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Dylan wears his BJWT bracelets by Imperial Toy on a daily basic. There are so many colors and styles to choice from, he can find one that fits his outfit everyday of the week. They are completely washable; so no worries about sweat, dirt or even showing with them on. 

He has taken to the cause like a champ and joyously passed along a few BJWT bracelets to his classmates to wear as well. My boy is sure to help start a fashion tend that has meaning this year and I couldn’t be prouder! 

Which design is your favorite?

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