How To Make The Birds & Bees Talk Easier

How To Make The Birds & Bees Talk Easier

As your kids approach that age where learning about the facts of life is a necessity, it can be a very troubling and difficult thing for parents to know how to navigate. You don’t want to say too much, but want to make sure they understand how things work. Here are our tips for How To Make The Birds & Bees Talk Easier. These suggestions will help you to focus on what needs to be shared, and not feel so nervous about discussing the In’s and outs of sexuality with your children.

How To Make The Birds & Bees Talk Easier

Plan Ahead Of Time: Don’t wait until your kids start asking questions. Plan ahead of time with age appropriate information and responses. Rather than being caught off guard, you’ll already know how you wan to approach the topics with your kids.

Use Medical Terms Not Cutesy Names For Body Parts: All too often we use cute nicknames for body parts. It helps tremendously if you avoid the cutesy names and start your children out recognizing what their body parts are, and their proper names. When time to discuss sexuality and reproduction, you can feel less pressured and more comfortable if these are already terms used by yourself or your children.

Invest In Educational Age Appropriate Books: There are numerous books out there that make this talk much easier to navigate. Check out various books online, at your local book store or even at your health foods store. Finding age appropriate educational literature is fairly easy and can be an easy way to sit down to discuss this.  Reading along with your child takes the pressure off you, but allows them the freedom to ask questions as needed.

Don’t Stress The Intimate Details Until Child Is Older: There are many parts of the reproductive process that are tough for parents to openly discuss.  When your child is young, stick with the physical necessities and leave the intimate details for a later date. When your child is ready, you can then become a bit more descriptive and make them understand the dynamics of a healthy relationship.

Regardless of your family dynamic, the birds and bees talk doesn’t have to be a tough thing. Sharing basic information, and answering their questions with clear, direct and honest answers is the best way to go. Whether your family believes in abstinence until marriage or not, being honest and up front is necessary. Children are much more likely to explore in wrong ways when they are denied the information from their parents in an honest manner. Being up front will help maintain good communication, and hopefully help your children to understand the seriousness of human sexuality and reproduction.

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