Why You Should Be Eating Biltong After A Workout

Why You Should Be Eating Biltong After A Workout

Protein and eating healthy are two of the most talked-about subjects on social media today. It’s been saving grace for those who desperately try to keep the weight off and those desperately trying to put the weight on. Biltong has also fast become a crazed snack for anyone who enjoys good meat products, and with protein high on the list of nutrients, it most certainly plays on the favor of those wanting to remain fit and strong and those wanting to snack. It is the secret ingredient that our muscles secretly crave for endurance and stamina, but why build such an excellent post-workout snack? 

Muscle gains

Protein is the building blocks for our bodies.  Whether it is found in your beauty treatments or your food, our bodies need it to keep it energised and healthy. Biltong is such a powerful post-workout protein snack that just 25g can make up for 50% of your daily protein intake. It aids in repairing your muscles thanks to Vitamin B-12 and Zinc. Lean muscle helps to give your body the energy it needs to break down existing visceral fat around your organs and to be able to do that, you need to feed your body protein. It is low in fat means that you can eat a little bit daily without compromising your dietary needs. 

It is low in sugar, so there isn’t any false information being fed to your body, making it believed that it is full of energy when it is, in fact, full of carbs. Biltong is also the perfect snack for anyone following a keto-based diet where no dairy or gluten is allowed. It stores well and makes for excellent snacks at the gym because you never have to worry about it being in your bag for too long during the day. 

Safe enough for everyone

Biltong is safe enough for everyone to eat. Kids at school competing in sports or little children doing physical activities as part of their daily routine can benefit from eating biltong because it’s a natural product. There are no artificial ingredients used to make biltong, and the spices preserve it so that it retains its nutritional value for longer. It’s healthy for anyone who enjoys a good salty snack, whether you’re building muscle or in your developing years. 

Although some biltong may contain a bit of fat, it is good to know that it wouldn’t affect your muscles in any way. You should still eat your foods in moderation, so be sure to balance out your intake with other healthy foods as well. The fats in biltong are harmless and should be balanced with other healthy fats like avocado. Include lots of water to keep the digestive system functioning adequately so that your protein intake does not cause an overload in other organs like your kidneys. Biltong is a great snack, but be sure to stick to a balanced diet to achieve the results you want pre or post-workout.

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