How To Choose The Best Glasses For Your School Children

How To Choose The Best Glasses For Your School Children

Your kids vision changes constantly; changes to their eyes happen at a much faster rate during their growth. This is why it is vital to get their eyes checked regularly, just in case they need a pair of eyeglasses. The wrong prescription, or failing to realize the problems are even there, can lead to further complications down the line. When wearing glasses, your child’s brain and eyes have to work in tandem to send the right signals for their eyes to align properly. Here are some tips from other parents on choosing the best glasses for your kids, and some ways to encourage them to wear them.

Convince your kids that glasses are cool

Before you take your child shopping for a new pair of glasses, try to encourage your child to be excited. There are lots of books out there designed for just this reason. If you do not have access to these books, don’t worry, there are other ways to convince them. One tip we like in particular is showing your children some role models that wear glasses – Clark Kent (i.e. superman) wears glasses, as does Harry Potter and Pedro Pony from Peppa Pig.

How To Choose The Best Glasses For Your School Children

Here are some things to consider to make sure that the pair you pick are the right fit:

Remember that many children have underdeveloped noses; this means that wider spaces between lenses can cause the glasses to slip down. When this happens, kids will often just look over them, which makes them useless.

A new trend in children’s frames is a special rubberized material. These offer a great level of durability and snug fit, perfect for active children. These rubberized frames also have the benefit of coming in almost every color and have a low price tag.

If your child is younger, you might want to consider buying a pair with cabled temples. These glasses have side pieces that wrap around your kid’s ears. These are great for toddlers and kids who might have the urge to pull their glasses off. 

For kids and toddlers, spring hinges are a great addition, because they allow the glasses to flex and they prevent the need for regular repairs and adjustments.

Most parents recommend getting a pair of lenses with a scratch-resistant coating. Kids are much more likely to drop their glasses; this protects you from having to buy a new pair every week. 

Choosing a pair with UV filters will give your kids eyes protection from the harmful rays of the sun. This will prevent your kids from suffering on bright days.

By following the tips above, you should have a much better chance of choosing the right pair of glasses for your kids. Remember, the best thing you can do is to talk to them from an early age. Make sure they know to come to you if their glasses don’t fit right or are broken, and try and include them in their purchase.

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