Best Drives Thru the South

The South is full of culture, amazing food, and a lot of adventure. Whether you have time for only a quick day trip or a weekend getaway, you have to try these Best Drives Through the South.

Best Drives Through the South

Louisville to Nashville

This is a good three hour drive that is easy to do. What makes this drive special though, is what you can see along the way. Not only will you see beautiful rolling green hills and lush green trees, but there are also a lot of places to stop along the way. There are many bourbon and distillery tours throughout Kentucky, closer to Lexington, that have activities for the whole family to enjoy. Bourbon tastings, horse farms with rides for the kids, and some even have huge U-Pick gardens during the summer.

Charlotte to Indianapolis

When you have a couple days and you just want to get out of town, take the scenic drive from Charlotte to Indianapolis. No matter what time of you drive this, you will see canyons filled with huge trees in various shades of green, orange, and red – kind of like they are on fire. Make sure to stop in Ashville for lunch and enjoy the old town charm of this sweet little town. This scenic drive travels through many small towns that have roadside stands and farms that are open to the public. Perfect drive to get away from the city and breathe in the clean air of the country!

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Atlanta to Charleston

There is nothing quite like the drive from Atlanta to Charleston. Once you leave the hustle and bustle of Atlanta be prepared for things to slow down a bit on this 5-hour drive. The scenery changes to farmland then to lakes and marshes start darting up when you least expect it. Instead of taking I-20, switch your GPS to avoid highways and take the county and state roads instead. It extends the drive by an hour, but oh so worth it! Once you arrive in Charleston, head downtown and watch the sailboats against the backdrop of all of that history of the South. Charleston is the true prize at the end of this amazing drive through the South!

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Where have you traveled in the South?

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