Best Casinos to visit around the world

Best Casinos to visit around the world

Casinos are everywhere these days, spread all around the world and this is what makes it great fun to go on holiday to many different destinations and still be out of play all your favourite casino games. When you think of casino holiday though you probably only think of Las Vegas as the place to go but this is wrong as there are many fantastic cities which have casinos just as good as those found in Las Vegas.

One fantastic place that you can visit is Macau which is a small state on the very south of China near Hong Kong, this place is designed for tourists to visit and enjoy with over 30 casinos in the small city. You could think of it somewhat as the Las Vegas of Asia, however in total income Macau actually makes more money a year than Las Vegas does. Because of this, many Las Vegas casino owners have decided to open counterparts in Macau, one such casino is the Venetian. In Macau just like in Las Vegas the Venetian casino is elegant to look at but has a great gaming floor filled with all the games you could ever want such as: poker and blackjack and roulette.

Even cities that aren’t filled with casinos, such as London, still have a few tucked away that are great to visit while in the city. One such casino is The Sportsman, as it is one of London’s old casinos and thus has more history. It will be great to visit, not only for the fantastic casino games available there. The Sportsman is a more intimate casino, not quite the same size as the Las Vegas casino’s would give you but it’s still stylish and comfortable place to visit. If you want to get the Vegas experience without leaving your living room, visit and play all your favourite casino games.

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