Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours to Improve Your Photography Skills

Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours to Improve Your Photography Skills

Over the years, I have learned a lot about photography. From necessity to hobby and now a my profession, times have definitely changed for the quality of visual photoing. Along the way, I would have loved to take advantage of one of the Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours. Of course with my luck, they have only become recently available.

Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours to Improve Your Photography Skills

Let’s step back in time. As a mom with a camera, I would take so many shots just to have that one that was good enough to print. This was in early 2000s and a smartphone photo was unheard of. So, don’t be so surprised! Even then, there was no guidebook on how to take a picture. We had to learn the hard way.

Fast forward to ten years ago when I started Motherhood Defined, I was absolutely clueless! There was a lack of helpful information online and not a lot of help from my peers. Of course, everyone has a thought on what equipment to buy but little in assistance in how to take a great looking photo. After all photography in itself is not just a plaything for those of us in the media profession, it is a job. One where you are judged on quality and style. One that will either make or break that contract you want so much. One that leaves you competitive, even if you won’t admit it!

Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours to Improve Your Photography Skills

For those of you who like me have some idea about what you are doing but desire to improve. The Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours – for Intermediates is perfect for you. These half-day excursions will take your skills to the next level. You will work with pro photographers and the Best Buy Camera Experience Shop experts to conduct a series of four individual photo shoots.

During the tour, you will get to test and try an array of lenses and accessories that will unleash a world of new photography possibilities. You will learn to think like a pro and walk away with some amazing photos to add to your portfolio.

Tours are available in Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City and Minneapolis on 7/28. The event costs $50. Keep in mind that fee includes lunch, transportation, a bag of camera goodies and the priceless opportunity to work with pros! If you share your photos on social media using hashtag #BestBuyPhotoWorkshops, you’ll be entered to win Best Buy gift cards, or a dream photography package! Need I say more?

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Maybe you are more like me in the beginning, wanting to improve but are not at the level for the Tours? Start with a free in-store photography workshop! Each are only 2 hours long and will cover the photography basics.

You also have the benefit of one on one interaction with a Best Buy Camera Experience Shop Expert to walk through your camera’s settings. Knowing your equipment is the first step in taking amazing photos. Trust me, I learned this the hard way!

Once you’re done, take the next step into the upcoming Photography Workshop Tours on 10/20 and 1/19. You can sign-up to be notified when these go live for registration in the fall/winter.

Register for a Free In-Store Photography Workshops now!

All of this is possible thanks to Best Buy’s Camera Experience Shop. They have expert help who go through intensive photography training and are all photo enthusiasts themselves. Like minds make for the best teachers. Stop by your local Best Buy today and get hands on all the new equipment. While you are there, make sure you test out the new cameras right there in the store! It’s essentially like visiting a specialty camera store, right in the middle of your local Best Buy. Cool, right?

We are so excited for the new Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours and Free In-Store Photography Workshops. Which one will you attend?

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