Best Beach Getaways For Families

Best Beach Getaways For Families

If you are considering a beach vacation for your family this year, then you want to consider our picks for best beach getaways. Not only are these locations family friendly, they are all well known and offer tons of other non beach activities to enjoy. Your family will love it if you whisk them away for one of these amazing beach getaways.

Best Beach Getaways For Families


La Jolla, California: A short drive from San Diego, the beaches of La Jolla offer beautiful surf, swimming and of course sea life. From the many beach front condos and hotels, you can easily wake up to a sunrise on the horizon that is absolutely breathtaking. There are beaches, great animal life to watch for, fun surf shops, restaurants and local shopping all within walking distance. If you want a little bit different atmosphere, you can take a short drive down to San Diego for Sea World, Legoland and more.

Galveston, Texas: An hour outside of Houston, Galveston has long offered great beaches and family friendly environments. While the beaches can be pretty busy during the summer months, there are a multitude of great resorts, hotels and bed & breakfast inns to choose from to suit your families needs. Great authentic Mexican restaurants, beautiful architecture and fun family activities around town make this a great place to visit with the family.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: This gorgeous East Coast beach is one of the hot spots for tourists, families and honeymoon couples. With gorgeous white sandy beaches, tons of waterfront restaurants, condos and resorts to choose from it is a great place to vacation. Don’t miss out on the other great local family attractions like local amusement parks and kid friendly adventures.

Pensacola, Florida: Some of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the coast are in this little nook of Florida. Enjoy beach front condos for your family, amazing fresh seafood feasts at local restaurants and tons of great shopping and kids adventures with the family. Geocaching, local tours, deep sea fishing and more make this a popular beach getaway for families.

If you are looking for a beautiful beach to visit this year, look no further than these best beach getaways for families. Not only are the beaches great for you and your kids, the local entertainment, restaurants and even resorts are kid friendly.

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