How to Be a Little More Self-Indulgent

How to Be a Little More Self-Indulgent

Sometimes everyone needs time to get away from it all and let the world melt away. Unfortunately, many of us live hectic lifestyles and can’t seem to find the time to let go and relax. This has got to stop. You need a little you time, a private sanctuary away from the world, something just for you. Wanting to be alone, even if you have children, does not make you selfish, it makes you sensible. It means you want to offer the world the best version of you, not a tired, ratty version. The best thing for your children, is the best thing for you, and if you need to indulge and wind down every so often, so be it.

Alone time

If you do have a very busy schedule, the first thing you should do is try and figure out what you can eliminate from it. The more time you can invest in you, the better. There will be certain things you do which you can stop if you want. When you have managed to get a little extra time for you, find your secret space, your sanctuary where you can hide from the world. Turn off your phone and be by yourself. To be more self-indulgent you need to forget everyone else, even for a time. So close your eyes, allow your thoughts to dissolve and concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. This is actually a form of mediation, and if you can perfect the art, you will find your stress level decrease and your happiness rises.

Say No 

If you are struggling to find more time, start by saying the magic word, no. Say it now out loud. If you want to have more time for you, you have got to put yourself first. Are you a people pleaser? If you are then this is not gaining you any respect, least of all from yourself. Stop trying to please everyone, and concentrate on you. It may be hard to say no at first, but when you start to feel the power this little word gives you, and how much better, and confident you feel. As a result, you will never be taken advantage of again.

Buy yourself little gifts

Why not invest in a new wardrobe, haircut, or some jewelry? It is you that put in the hours at work so you should be able to treat yourself every now and again. When you are next at the supermarket, try and get yourself some cake, just for you to indulge in on an evening when you are alone. The cloak and dagger and sinful nature of it will add to the allure. Life doesn’t have to be a constant battle, sometimes its good to let things like being on a diet slide, so you can enjoy yourself. You may even find it a better idea to save up and get that treat you really want at a bargain price, like a Used Rolex Submariner. It is up to you, but you deserve a little gift.

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