Bamboo Bedding: The Purchase You Won’t be Regretting

Bamboo Bedding: The Purchase You Won’t be Regretting

Over the recent years, we’ve come to hear the words “healthy” and “well-being” on a daily basis. They are everywhere: magazines, blogs, vlogs, TV shows… you name it! Yet even despite their fame, not many of us have a clear idea of what healthy or overall well-being really means. Trust me, it’s not just about the well-balanced diet you read a celebrity was having, or the right amount of exercise in a week you should be having as recommended by a personal trainer.

Bamboo Bedding: The Purchase You Won’t be Regretting

No, there’s so much more than these two aspects. Thinking on the aspect of time, and the time-consuming things we spend a lifetime doing, sleeping is the one that comes first. Having in mind we spend one third of our lives sleeping, which would be approximately 229,961 hours on average (even more if you’re in a relationship with your bed), we can’t deny the role sleep has in health and well-being is as significant as nutrition and physical activity.

Speaking of sleep, there’s another thing we mostly pay attention to: the choice of mattress. While it is important to know how to choose the right one, out of the variety of mattresses you can find for sale, it’s not the only ingredient to sweet dreams – it’s also about the choice of sheets, and, you know, the whole set of top and bottom sheets, coverlet, bedspread, duvet, blanket, pillowcases, and pillow shams. This leads me to bamboo sheets, and bedding in general, the focus being on fabric, because bedding is so much more than simply choosing the color, and style.

Remember, it’s not the look, it’s the feel! With the stir it’s caused over the last couple of years, I’m sure you’ve already heard that, as a fabric, the grass bamboo (not a tree!) is Eco-friendly. The answer can be yes, and no; it all comes down to whether or not it’s organic, so prior to the purchase, it’s advisable to check if the products have the necessary certification, in the likes of Oeko-Tex Certificate 100, to get your peace of mind what you buy really is 100% safe, free of chemicals, and Eco-friendly.

Bamboo Bedding: The Purchase You Won’t be Regretting

The certified organic bamboo sheets, and other bedding products, are created without the use of harmful chemicals because of bamboo’s resilience as a plant, making it the superior option to organic cotton as well, as the latter has the need for some chemicals in the growth process. When you know you’ve got organic bamboo products, you can be sure all the positive traits you see and hear mentioned about them are true.

It all starts with bamboo’s natural ability to defend itself against pests, so pesticides aren’t needed, and as the fastest growing plant, with about 90cm or so in a day, fertilizers aren’t required either. Don’t believe me? It even has its entry in the Guinness World of Records! This in turn makes it sustainable too; all the aspects that make it friendly for the environment.

Don’t worry, this bedding option isn’t at the damage of adorable pandas, so what you sleep on doesn’t come from the menu of these endangered animals. Considering there are over 1000 species of Bambuseae (bamboo), and pandas eat 42, none of which are used for the production of fabrics, organic bamboo fabrics are panda friendly.

More on to the positive traits, I can’t help but mention bamboo as a fabric is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so it’s not surprising 100% organic bamboo bedding is the ideal option for the most delicate of skins; yes, even baby skin! Bye bye skin problems. Now, the next properties are sure to please hot sleepers: thermoregulation, and absorption – the very properties synthetic fabrics lack.

Bamboo Bedding: The Purchase You Won’t be Regretting

It’s exactly this that enlists bamboo as the fabric that makes for quality sleep, and we all know it equals beauty sleep. When you sleep on bamboo sheets, you no longer have to struggle with having to sleep with open windows, no more tossing or turning, no more sleepless nights, as the sheets are naturally warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. It’s magic!

As for the absorption, they are capable of wicking body moisture away, about three times more absorbent than cotton blend sheets, that is, making way for breathability. High absorption is also responsible for bamboo’s outstanding durability, considering there’s no staining from the body moisture, no damage whatsoever to the fibers even after long-term use.

However, though this means this fabric isn’t a delicate one, it still requires some care consisting of washing in warm water, without the addition of bleachers, or fabric softeners, cold ironing, and no wringing. Caring extends bamboo’s luxurious softness, and it’s the softness that beats that of Egyptian cotton!

As soon as you bring such comfort into your bedroom, you might start struggling with getting out of bed every morning. Also, taking Eco-friendliness into consideration, you might be motivated to implement more of it in your lifestyle, opting for all-things bamboo, from towels, bathrobes, and clothing, to throws – the way one turns into a bamboo addict!

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