Avoid a Messy House This Christmas

Christmas time is the time of year when it can become incredibly hard to keep your house tidy. This is because all the kids are off school, and so you are in most of the time. You will consume more food at home, and the pots and pans will build-up. Not to mention all the presents and wrapping paper that will be strewn on the floor.

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Go For Days Out

The more you stay in during the holidays, the more the house will get cluttered. It can be quite a tough prospect to venture out in the cold. However, it is beneficial physically and psychologically. The majority of people just stay in over the holidays and wrap up warm. By going out you will gain valuable fresh air and feel rejuvenated. This way you can eat out, which will severely reduce the amount of pots you will use at home. A day out exercising will also make your children tired. This means when they get home they are likely to go to bed earlier, thus not making as much mess with their toys.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

This room is possibly the busiest of all the rooms in your house. During the holidays it will be even busier with regular visits from many family members. The following needs to be administered to keep your bathroom tidy. First, you should hang a bag on the bathroom door for all your cloths. Move on to flushing your toilet, before bleaching the sides and under the rim. While the bleach is working, fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar equally. Spray this onto paper towels and attack the dirty areas of the bathroom. Flip those wipes over and run it across the back of your dusty toilet tank. Regarding bath towels, make sure you put out fresh hand towels for guests. These are the ones short-term guests will use anyway.

Purchase the Right Size Christmas Tree

One of the ways to maintain a tidy house in and amongst the Christmas holidays is to purchase a smaller tree. Most families tend to go all out at this time of year, and get the biggest and best decorations. However, when you get a tree almost the size of your living room, it can cause problems. This leads to the inevitable moving around of furniture to accommodate for the oversized tree. A better idea for the Christmas period is to think long and hard about your tree size. Contacting a company like Bright Lightz will help you find what you want. This way you can tailor your tree choice to the specifications of the room it will be present.

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