Attention Moms on the Go: Contigo Travel Mug Review

As a mom of two under two who also works full time, I find myself constantly reaching for java.  I don’t always get to enjoy a hot cup at home, but because I drive all over the state of NJ for work, I occasionally get to revel in a hot cup on my ride to and fro.  NOTHING drives me crazier than my coffee going from piping hot to lukewarm in the time it takes to pack the kids up in the car, drop them off at daycare, and hit the highway.

So I was excited to give the #1 selling Contigo Travel mugs a try.


After the gorgeous mugs arrived, the plan was to try them out the next day while on the road for work.  Well… as any working mother knows, plans are thrown out the window when your two year old gets sick… So instead of getting to test out the #1 selling line of travel mugs as planned, I had to take care of my little guy first, and try them out the next day on the road.

One of the first things that pleased me about the travel mug was its sleek, lightweight design.  Who wants a bulky coffee mug while they are driving or running around town? Since I rely heavily on my single serve coffee maker, I was pleased to find that the Contigo mug fits directly under the brewing spout of the machine, so there is no need to brew into a cup and then pour into the travel mug.  (This means less dishes in the dishwasher, which means that maybe we won’t have to run the dishwasher every night.)

The next feature that impressed me was the Contigo mug’s 16 oz capacity.  I brew a large cup of coffee at every sitting, so the fact that I could fit the entire “cup” into my Contigo mug was another check in the win column for Contigo as compared to other brands I have tried in the past, where I would have to sip off of the top until I could safely close the lid.

Now for the test of will this travel mug REALLY live up to its promise of maintaining heat for up to 5 hours.  And the clock starts…. NOW


So my work day started late today, and I was brewing my cup for the road at 12:25pm.  By the time I packed up the kids, and began to drive them to mom-mom’s house, I reached down to take a sip and the coffee was just as hot as when I brewed it.  (For me, it was still a little TOO hot, so I made a note to self that I should let the mug sit without the lid on for a few minutes because this mug obviously holds the temperature well.)


The next noteworthy feature is the AUTOSEAL technology.  Have you ever been sipping coffee from your mug in the car, and if you hit a bump (or aren’t fully caffeinated yet), you splatter hot coffee anywhere from your steering wheel to (gasp) your lap?  I cannot tell you how many times I have been on the way to a meeting and had to try to remove a spot of coffee from my shirt or pants because of one of these mishaps.  This won’t be happening to you with Contigo’s AUTOSEAL technology.

It took a few sips to get used to utilizing the AUTOSEAL, but the idea is pure genius.  Instead of having to move a latch back and forth or up and down, you press the AUTOSEAL button on the back of the mug as you take each sip, and it opens the spout for you to sip your coffee.  My first reaction was, “I have to press a button every time I need a sip??”  But after only a few sips, it became second nature, mostly because the placement of the button is perfect when you are holding your mug.

Because of the AUTOSEAL technology, the lid is literally spill proof.  You can even lock the lid so that you do not accidentally press the release button between moving to and from the house, or from meeting to meeting.  This comes in handy when you are trying to juggle a briefcase, two kids, their bag for daycare, your purse, and anything else you need to take to the car, without spilling your drink along the way.  I even tested the technology out by holding the mug upside down above my head with coffee inside.  Thankfully, Contigo lives up to its promise!


(OK so I’m not going to lie… when testing this out I actually just filled the reservoir with water… rather than piping hot coffee… but look!  No spills!)

Back to my day on the road, and after one meeting, it’s almost 3:00pm and my coffee is still almost as hot as it was when I left my mug in the car.  I am officially impressed!  Even on a day when it is 90 degrees out, in my black car, a coffee mug left inside would normally be lukewarm at best by now.  At this point, my coffee is the perfect temperature.  Hot but not scalding.



After another quick stop on the way home, and picking up my kids, it is now 4:15.  I unload the kids and take a sip and this coffee is STILL hot!  How is this even possible?? It’s not just lukewarm, it is still pleasantly hot.


I have to say, it was hard for me to not finish my coffee at this point.  I tried to make it another hour to test the temperature, but I needed my caffiene fix.

After finishing my coffee, I immediately rinsed out my mug and wanted to see just how easy it was to clean.  The sleek design of the lid made it exceptionally easy to clean the top portion, but I was a bit worried about the AUTOSEAL technology inside, until I pressed the button that released the system, making it easy to scrub the inside with a sponge, and rinse through the spout.  Although the lid is top rack dishwasher safe, I prefer to hand wash anything I can, to make room for all of the bottles, sippy cups, etc.


Did I mention that the Contigo mugs are 100% BPA Free, and also come with a Lifetime Guarantee?  Visit their website for more details.

I also tested the Contigo on a hot day this week and my cold drink stayed cold WITH ice cubes for hours.  My husband even tested the Contigo out and commented that he would be commandeering one of my new mugs.  Since testing out the #1 selling line of travel mugs, I can tell you that I have cleaned out our cabinet and donated all of the other travel mugs that were taking up space to make room for our new favorite mugs.

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