6 Tricks to Learn The Art of Cooking A Perfect Beef

6 Tricks to Learn The Art of Cooking A Perfect Beef

Be it an expert cook or a beginner one, the oath to great culinary expertise is paved with imminent knowledge of beef cooking. It’s not just the involvement of food and flavor, but skills too that serve the perfect beef recipe.

Cooking beef at home can be a daunting journey; you may face the failure of overcooked meat or tasteless recipes. 

To help you with that, here we have gathered the six best kitchen hacks that will give the right taste, nutrition, and look to your recipe. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready with all the food essentials and chop it all away because a pro beef dish is on its way!

Season the beef a day before

If you’re planning to cook a roasted beef dish, don’t wait till the last minute. Prepare your stuff and seasoning a day before. Coat the meat with salt and spices, cover it properly with foil paper and let the meat soak all the seasonings overnight. This way you will get a rich brown crust on meat on the day of cooking. The roasted meat will be crispy from outside and deliciously juicy on the inside. Salt also helps in removing the germs from meat and makes it more tender.

High Heat For Flavor

Always cook your meat on high heat to get the perfect brown coat that will treat your taste buds with various flavors in a single bite. When you cook the meat at good heat, the spices blend in together and give a flavorful bite. When browning the meat, make sure that it is not over-crispy on the edges. Over-heated cooking can be a huge blunder for all the beef recipes.

Make Fluffy Rice 

For dishes like Mexican beef bowl or beef broccoli stir-fry, where the recipes require rice, make sure that you cook perfectly fluffy rice. A saucy beef recipe or beef bowl is incomplete without well-cooked rice. While cooking rice don’t flood it with water and remember to keep a check on it from time to time. Rice is known for complementing curry with its neutralizing characters. Not just this, for garnishing and creating a drool-worthy look for the recipe, rice will always top the list.

Know When Your Beef Is Done

Not everyone can tell when the beef is done, this is also because everyone has different preferences of enjoying the meat, but there are some universal ways that everyone can rely on. If the beef is still juicy on the inside with a rich brown layer on the outside, you are pretty much there. The shape of the cooking dish and cut the size of the meat also decides the duration of cooking meat. To know more about cooked beef, click here.

Don’t Overload with Spices

Humans are and will always be in love with flavors, but over-loading your favorite beef recipe will make it hard to swallow. Even if you are an expert in the matters of the kitchen, before adding spices to the beef recipe, you should ensure that the spices blend well. The taste of raw spices with intense flavors will kill the taste of beef, and that is something we are sure no beef lover would ever want.

Guide To Buying Beef

While buying beef, most people are concerned about knowing if it’s boneless or not, but that’s not it. Before you buy the meat, remember to ask your butcher about the cut. Deciding the right cut for the recipe is necessary. To make sure that you’re not buying stale meat, you want to go for beef with pinkish-red color and discard meat with an unpleasant odor. Identifying your meat before buying is the most crucial point to achieve the delicacy of a beef specific recipe.

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