Art history and culture: Teaching with your vacation

Parents are always looking for new ways to get their children excited about learning. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to get kids interested in anything that’s not digital; fortunately, there are plenty of options for  parents looking to broaden children’s knowledge and understanding.

Florida Museum Of Natural History

Kids learn about ancient history, but they rarely have the opportunity to see artifacts that have been preserved for tens of thousands of years. Thanks to the recent discovery of Mammoth bone art, your students now can witness the oldest example of art in the Americas. While the actual bone on which this ancient art was produced remains locked in a safety deposit box, a cast is available for viewing at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Inscription Rock

Ohio is known for its many unique rock art sites. One of the most fascinating of these exhibits can be seen at Inscription Rock, where prehistoric American Indians carved beautiful pictures of local animals and people. Originally discovered in 1833, the rock is now located on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie, where it is protected from the elements by a specially-built roof and platform.

Paris Tabernacle Historical Site

The Mormon community is seeing increased representation in the realm of politics, but most people still lack a basic understanding of what it means to belong to the Church of Latter-Day Saints. If your children are in the midst of learning about different religions, they’ll benefit greatly from a visit to the Paris Tabernacle Historical Site in Idaho. This pioneer landmark is truly an architectural marvel, and the story behind it is absolutely fascinating.

Santa Barbara Mission

Introduce your kids to the wonders of architecture, art and history at California’s Santa Barbara Mission. Founded in 1786 with the sole purpose of converting local Native Americans to Christianity, the mission now serves as a popular historic site. Visitors can tour the church, mission and its surrounding gardens while learning all about the Franciscans and their Native American counterparts.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center

About two hours north of Dallas, Texas, The Chickasaw Nation welcomes visitors to its cultural center – the largest such center in North America. The Chickasaw Cultural Center was founded in hopes of teaching visitors about the history and culture of the Chickasaw community. It also serves as a gathering place for tribal members. Students will enjoy touring the facility’s historically accurate recreation of a traditional Chickasaw village. And visitors can enjoy a number of attractions, including traditional dance ceremonies, music performances and frequent lectures from prominent guest speakers.

Art and history are two important subjects, and taking the child out of the classroom to experience how these subjects are relevant in the real world may get them more engaged in learning. Provide your kids with valuable cultural experiences by visiting a few of the historic sites listed above.

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