Are you dealing with debt collectors?

When it comes to your rights as a borrower, you have many outside entities that will attempt to intimidate you out of your rights and try to force you into a corner. However, just because you are in debt does not mean that lose any of your rights as a citizen or as a borrower.

When debt collector harassment starts, the first line of consumer protection is you. If you have ever had a question about recording the phone calls of your debt collector, you do not need to have a question about that anymore. The answer is yes. Yes, without a doubt, yes, you should definitely record the phone calls that you receive from your debt collector. Do not let them be trampled upon as your creditors try to intimidate you with false moral authority. You can weigh your options and see if the best answer is to look into a debt consolidation loan.

First of all, you must realize that debt collector harassment is based off of mostly intimidation. Debt collectors do not have any more legal authority than the bank from which you took the loan. If you are trying to pay back the loan in good faith, no amount of harassment is going to get you any amount of money faster than you would get it anyway. However, the employees at a debt collection agency are hardly thinking along these lines. They are simply obsequiously performing a job that they are paid to do.

Therefore, as your first line of consumer protection, there is no reason to try to create a logical discussion with these people. You just need to make sure that you are protecting your rights as a consumer and as a borrower. The first step to doing this is to start recording all phone calls from your debt collection agency.

Even if you do not pick up the phone, and your answering machine picks up the call, put it on speaker and note what the person or the robot says to you. Although the comments themselves will likely not be prosecutable, the time frame in which they call may be.

Depending on the laws of your state or locality, as well as many federal regulations that have been put in place, the time or the frequency with which your debt collection agency calls you can be a matter for legal scrutiny. When you record a phone call on your debt collection agency, make sure that you know the time and date as well.

If you ever talk directly to an agent at your debt collection agency, make sure that you do not admit to any wrongdoing, although they may try to intimidate you into doing so. Remember, they are recording the call as well and are trying to get you to trip yourself up.

Joseph Tacopina, criminal lawyer has many years of experience dealing with debt collectors and protecting the rights of borrowers. If you are an investor, you are taking the risk that some of your investments might go bad. This is not something that you should pay for unduly; you still have rights. Do not let them be trampled upon as your creditors try to intimidate you with false moral authority. Get the right legal assistance to protect yourself and your assets so that you can live to fight another financial day.

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