All bean bag chairs are the same, right?

All large bean bag chairs are the same, right? Wrong! Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes and textures, you can also find a variety of quality in the filling. Beans as some may say but with Comfy Sacks you get some much more. It is truly a surprise from start to finish.

Size really does matter.
Size really does matter.

I know what you are thinking, “Does the difference really matter?” Well, YES! Yes, it does. Being a mom of 7, I have seen my fair share of bean style chairs come and go in my home. At one time or another every one of my children had some style of bean bag lounger. All which contained the small foam beans which all eventually flattened and either required refilling or tossing. Comfy Sacks takes this to an entirely new level with their use of shredded space-age urethane foam which is by far superior. It does not flatten as easy and even when it does, all you need to do is give it a good fluff and roll.

Another plus is the suede cover surrounding our Comfy Sacks Lounger. Not only is it soft, suede offers that easy to clean factor. Most messes can be wipes with a damp cloth. However if you ever find the need for a more extreme measure  the cover can be removed and washed as well. This meant a great deal to me since my toddler carries his sippy cup to wherever he choices.


The Lounger currently offers 41 color choices and 5 different fabric styles. I can see where they could be used in any home from a modern, professional family style to a college dorm room. You can even purchase an ottoman to prop your feet up and just relax after a long day. Our Comfy Sacks chair sits in the living area underneath a large window. I personal heart to curl up and read a book there. My sons both use it as their fav’ed gaming chair and it is large enough that 3 of my children can spend time together on one seat.


Don’t be discouraged by the price. I realized it is higher than a standard bean bag unit ranging from $150-350. It is important to consider quality and how long you wish to use the lounger. I estimate our chair will be around when my middle son (now 6) is a teenage. The fun design will still be acceptable when he is in his early 20s as well. As with anything, I suggest taking good care of your Comfy Sacks. Keep it clean, dry and indoors. This should allow you years of relaxing moments to come.

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