Simply Adorable Outfit Pairings for Easter

Simply Adorable Outfit Pairings for Easter

Before you know it, Winter will be but a memory, and Spring will be in full swing! And with Spring comes Easter!

With all the prep-worked involved in this holiday – dyeing Easter eggs, hiding plastic eggs for the hunt, the huge Easter brunch you’re preparing, cleaning and planning for family visits – don’t forget to take the time to find your perfect Easter outfit! Easter is perhaps the biggest holiday for fashion, outside of maybe New Years! Girls of all ages look forward to wearing that beautiful Easter dress with shiny shoes and a matching Easter basket. 

But if you’re wanting to do a little something different and on-trend this year, we have some great ideas for coordinating on-trend fashion pieces to complete your perfect Easter outfit. 

People don’t always equate Easter with wearing tees, but why shouldn’t you? There are some surprisingly cute Easter t-shirts out there; super-cute stuff with adorable bunnies and chicks and eggs, funny phrases and jokes, and pretty much everything you can think of. Interesting animal prints, artistic designs, patterns, and even sequins are all super in this year. Pick out your favorite, most colorful, adorable tee, pair it with a simple pair of black or regular denim skinny jeans, a pair of shiny flats in your favorite color, and a light shawl. It’s casual, but also classy, and that sweet pop of color will make you look so put together. 

If you’re still into the idea of wearing an Easter dress, go for it! But not all Easter dresses must be frilly and full of taffeta and lace like the ones of yesteryear. A sleek black number with a little frill at the bottom, a retro-style colorful A-line, or even a sundress (if it’s warm enough out) in a bright, sunny color, when paired with your favorite heels or flats, and a big hat to protect your shoulders from the sun might be just the ticket. Feeling crafty? Why not make your own Easter dress!

Want to be dressy but without the dress? Pantsuits aren’t just for corporate America. There are a number of styles out right now that are just as perfect for Sunday brunch or a church service as they are for a board meeting. Suits in a variety of eye-popping colors like mustard, lavender or even tomato red are in, with flared legs, a catchy down-the-leg stripe, and tapered sleeves. Pair one of these pantsuits with a neutral black, white or tan gauzy top, and your favorite clunky heels. You’ll look chic and festive. 

For girls, it’s all about color. The more the better. Whether she’s rocking a tutu, leggings or her favorite jeans, a simple colorful top or blouse paired with some costume jewelry and glittery shoes is really all she needs to perfect her Easter look. And with kids, the more durable the better, since they’re hard on clothes!

Try one of these easy and adorable pairings to snazz up your Easter wardrobe this year! You’ll totally steal the show!

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