9 Kinds of Dresses Every Woman Should Own

9 Kinds of Dresses Every Woman Should Own

A woman’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a few dresses. After all, dresses are practical, easy to wear, and can be complete outfits all on their own. However, building a diverse collection of dresses can be tricky. Since dresses come in all sorts of styles, designs, cuts, and lengths, finding ones that complement your body can be an overwhelming experience.

Thankfully, there are a handful of dresses that are known for their versatility and reliability. In this short guide, we’ll list 10 types of dresses that every woman should own and why you should consider them as staples in your own wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is an iconic piece in women’s fashion that has never lost its popularity from the moment it appeared in a famous fashion magazine in 1926. Also known as the LBD, this dress is a widely accessible garment that’s intended to be affordable, long-lasting, and versatile. Due to its color, a black dress also easily complements every complexion and body type. Plus, its simplicity allows you to easily dress it up or down. You can buy tights or shoes that match your LBD’s design, or don additional accessories to glam it up a bit more.

Printed Dress

Printed dresses add an element of fun to your closet as they offset the mundanity and reliability of solid-colored dresses. Wearing printed dresses is also an excellent way to flaunt your unique sense of style without having to put on too many accessories. These garments come in a wide variety of designs and patterns, including animal prints, abstract and geometric patterns, and paisley and floral prints.

Short-Sleeve Dress

The short-sleeve dress is perfect for when you want to beat the summer heat or flaunt the arms you’ve been working so hard to tone. Because its design is less-restrictive on the arms, you’ll have better freedom of movement . Moreover, this type of dress offers  variety in terms of the cut of sleeves it comes in, which can include cap sleeves, ruffle sleeves, cold shoulder sleeves, and petal sleeves. 

Long-Sleeve Dress

Naturally, where there are short-sleeve dresses, there are also long-sleeve dresses. This type of dress is an excellent choice if you want to give your arms more coverage and warmth. You also have a lot of style options when choosing this type of dress. Examples of long-sleeve dress styles include the kimono sleeve, puffed sleeve, bell sleeve, and Juliette sleeve.

Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a great garment to wear if you want to transform your smart outfit to sport a chic look in no time. By combining the clean look of a dress shirt with the breezy styling of an actual dress, the shirt dress is able to boast a kind of versatility that every woman can depend on. Combined with the right shoes and accessories, a shirt dress can be the perfect attire in both a casual and professional setting . For example, to make a short sleeve, knee-length shirt dress appropriate for the office, you can wear a smart blazer over it and put on a pair of pumps. To make the same shirt dress the perfect summer outfit, however, simply remove the blazer and shoes and wear strapped sandals instead.

Summer Dress

Although some of the dresses in this list are comfortable to wear during summertime, it’s still a good idea to get a classic summer dress for the warm season. Summer dresses are designed to not only help you stay cool in summer, but also make you look fashionably cute during the season. Summer dresses are made from soft, light, and breathable materials. Aside from cotton, you can find summer dresses that are crafted from fabrics such as poplin, chiffon, and gingham. Get them in classic floral prints and solid pastel colors for that pop of color your wardrobe deserves. 

Party Dress

Even if you’re not attending a party anytime soon, it’s always nice to have a party dress on hand. These dresses are meant to be easy to slip on and come in styles that command the attention of everyone in the room. The best types of party dresses are those that don’t require you to add too much accouterments to your ensemble. Think asymmetrical dresses, dresses with wild prints, and dresses made from sparkly fabrics, which make for a bold statement all on their own.

Formal Dress

Having a go-to formal dress is essential for special occasions that require you to dress up. Events like awards ceremonies, weddings, and galas typically have a strict formal dress code. As such, by having at least one good formal dress in your closet, you won’t have any difficulty getting ready for the occasion. Formal dresses often come at a high price point. That being said, it’s in your best interest to invest in a formal dress that’s durable, versatile, and comes in a classic style. This will ensure that your ensemble will remain fashionable for years to come and no matter how you accessorize. Delphine dresses, mermaid evening dresses, and off-shoulder cocktail dresses are just a few examples of formal dresses. 

A Dress Made for Layering

Dresses aren’t limited to being the main focus of your outfit. Some dresses can be layered over or under other pieces of garments for better style or function. Beach dresses, for example, are usually worn over swimsuits to achieve a relaxed, summery vibe. Sheer dresses, on the other hand, give outfits a more attention-grabbing quality, especially if the wearer is sporting a bodysuit or a silk slip dress underneath.

Dresses are women’s wardrobe staples for a reason. Not only are they easy to put on and style according to your needs, but their wide variety lets you wear a dress for all sorts of occasions. Among all the types of dresses, the 9 mentioned in this article have become must-haves for many women. With these dresses, you’ll be able to create stunning looks no matter the event or season.

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