8 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Necklaces

8 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Necklaces

There are many different kinds of necklaces that people choose to wear. Necklaces can feature pendants, chains, lockets, or other details. Men or women can wear necklaces, and they are worn by people from all different cultures around the world. Necklaces can be purchased at various price points, and they make great gift items for the loved ones in your life.

Suppose you have ever purchased luxury jewelry for yourself or have been gifted with luxury jewelry pieces, especially necklaces. In that case, you will need to maintain those pieces to preserve them and increase their longevity. Following these tips will help you keep your jewelry in great condition as it ages and preserve its value if you ever desire to resell your necklaces or other luxury accessories.

Schedule Professional Cleanings for Your Jewelry Pieces

In many cases, the best way to keep an item clean is to have it cleaned by a professional. This is especially true for expensive and high-end jewelry pieces. Jewelers and professional jewelry cleaners will have the expertise and materials needed to keep your items clean and maintained. 

They will also be able to do so for you promptly to work, take care of errands, or spend time with your family while making sure that your jewelry is still properly cared for.

Do Regular at Home Cleaning and Maintenance in Between Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings can sometimes be a little bit expensive or inconvenient, so it is also important to do home maintenance in between cleanings. Depending on the materials that your jewelry items are made from, you will need to care for them in different ways. Often, simply brushing down your items with a cotton cloth can help keep them free of oil, dirt, debris, and other damaging external factors.

Store Your Necklaces Correctly

If you store your necklaces correctly, they will last you for a longer time, and they will also need to be cleaned last often. It is important to store your necklaces and other jewelry pieces away from heat, humidity, moisture, dust, debris, and other factors that could damage them. It is also important to prevent your necklaces from getting tangled with each other or with other jewelry items, as this can damage them.

When Wearing Your Necklaces, Pay Attention 

When you wear your luxury necklaces or such jewelry items, you want to make sure that you do not allow them to contact any heavy lotions, oils, perfumes, pool water, ocean water, or other damaging external factors. It may be a good idea only to wear your high-end necklaces for special events and opt for more casual jewelry pieces for beach days, pool days, and everyday wear.

Display Your Jewelry Correctly 

When displaying your jewelry, you want to make sure that you use a rack that holds necklaces in a tangle freeway. You also may want to avoid storing your jewelry and your bathroom, where it can be very humid. If you have a closet or vanity where you can safely store your necklaces, it is a good idea to store them there instead of in your bathroom.

Purchase Items Made of High-Quality Materials

Sometimes prevention is one of the best methods of preservation. This is especially true for jewelry pieces like necklaces. Suppose you choose well-made necklaces made of high-quality materials; when necklace shopping, you will often get more wear out of the pieces that you purchase. These items will also usually be less likely to tarnish, rust, or become damaged over time.

Follow Your Jeweler’s Recommended Care Tips 

When you purchase a new necklace, it is a great idea to ask the jeweler you purchased the necklace from what care tips they have for you. By following your jeweler’s specific instructions, you can prevent damaging your pieces, and you can also feel safe and secure in the methods you are using for home cleaning.

Keep Your Pieces Away From Extreme Elements 

In general, it is important to keep fragile jewelry items made with diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, or other materials away from extreme elements. If you are going on a long hiking trip, an extreme river rafting trip, or an extended beach vacation, it may be a good idea to leave your high-end necklaces and other jewelry pieces at home. You will also want to pay attention to where your jewelry items are located during hurricanes and tornadoes.

8 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Necklaces
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