7 Ways to Volunteer More During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to give of your resources to others. Helping those in need during the holidays not only sets a wonderful example for young ones, but shows that in giving we truly receive. If you are unsure of how to help others during the holiday season, take a look at these 7 ways to volunteer more during the holidays.

7 Ways to Volunteer More During the Holidays

1. Bring your boss on board.
If it seems as though you can’t get away from work, see if your boss will agree to an office wide volunteer effort. A great example would be to cook and serve a meal as a group at a local shelter.

2. Head to your child’s classroom.
Talk to the teacher or principal at your child’s school about volunteer efforts where you may be needed. During the holidays, why not see if you can spend time reading with children or even preparing a meal for the teachers or offer to hang holiday art work in the hallways?

3. Put your car to use.
Many local charities need drivers who can help transport donations, food items, clothing, etc. Call local charities and see if they are in need of a driver and ask how you can help. You can even plan your drops offs/pick ups to coincide with your regular errands.

4. Offer your skills and hobbies.
See if there is a way to incorporate your hobbies into giving. Like to sing? Go sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Love to craft? Make holiday greeting cards to take to the local hospital. Love to decorate? Offer to decorate for the holidays at your local church, recreation center, or community center. Whatever it is you are gifted at, use it in your giving.

5. Don’t forget the animals.
Treat your four legged friends in need to some TLC this holiday season too. Check with your local animal rescue center to see if they need help grooming animals, cleaning cages, walking the dogs, or with general feedings.

6. Use your voice.
If you are homebound, see how you can use your voice to help. Ask local shelters or non for profit agencies if they need any help making phone calls. You may also be able to help then address and stamp mail from the comfort of your home.

7. Put your back into it!
Don’t forget that many agencies, shelters, and soup kitchens need their sidewalks shoveled and exteriors kept clear. If you have a shovel and a strong back, see how you can help them with this task. It will make their job of serving and feeding others easier.

Volunteering and helping those in need doesn’t have to be complicated or super time consuming. Give these 7 ways to volunteer more during the holidays a try!

Speaking of sending love this Christmas, you can also donate your old kids toys and buy new ones for your kids. Just check out this article from My Kid Needs That for ideas.

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