6 Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

6 Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

If you’ve ever considered selling your clothes online, then Poshmark is the ideal place to do it. Selling on this platform is easy. You simply take photos of the items that you want to sell, create a description, set your price, and then you’re done. Poshmark takes care of everything else, from the shipping labels to the boxes. While this process is pretty straight-forward, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your clothes sell as quickly as possible. Let’s discuss six strategies that the top sellers use to sell more clothes.

1. Figure Out What Sells

A lot of people assume that only designer items sell–specifically, those from pricey retailers. However, this isn’t always the case. Sure, it’s easier to sell high-end items, but people are looking for trendy clothes as well. So pay close attention to the latest fashions.

2. Set Reasonable Prices

Beginners typically make the mistake of pricing the item based on what they paid for it or what they think it’s worth. They may even attach sentimental value to the piece and price it well above its retail value. Unfortunately, this can have a big impact on sales.

When pricing an item, you should never rely on your gut or even the retail value. Instead, you should set your prices according to your competitors on the Poshmark platform. You’ll likely find that other sellers are offering items similar to yours. And the best way to generate sales is to undercut their prices or match them. Poshmark customers are always on the hunt for a good deal and will choose the option that gives them the most value for their money. You don’t have to give the items away, but be strategic.

6 Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

3. Study Photography

One thing that the top sellers on Poshmark have in common is quality photos. If you’re interested in capturing people’s attention, then it’s important that you become a master of photography. Make sure that your background is free from clutter so that your items are the main focal point. Photograph your items in a room that has a lot of natural light. Don’t be afraid to do a little editing to soften harsh light or make the images appear crisper.

However, you should never take photos in a way that misrepresents the items that you’re selling. The goal is to make sure that the customer knows exactly what the clothes look like and from every possible angle. If the item has flaws, you should make sure that they’re visible in the images. Above all else, keep the photos as simple as possible.

4. Become an Active Member of the Poshmark Community

Perhaps the most important element of selling more clothes on Poshmark is becoming an active member of the community. Sure, you can always share your closet with your family and friends. However, this will only get you so far. If you want to get a ton of sales then you must post your clothes at “parties.”

A party is a virtual event that Poshmark hosts for people who want to share their listings. Poshmark hosts four parties daily. During these events, you can share items that fall into specific categories. For instance, the party may be for a certain designer, occasion, or item. The best part about sharing at parties is that it can increase your follower count and lead to people sharing your inventory.

Not only is it important that you share your items, but you should also follow other Poshmark users. The benefit of following others is that it alerts people to your closet. In many cases, you’ll find that people will follow you back. And if they like your items, they’ll share or buy them.

5. Be Willing to Negotiate

Poshmark gives buyers the ability to negotiate their prices. If they like an item in your closet but don’t want to pay the price that you’re asking for, they may ask you to bend a little on the cost. The key to selling more clothes is to be flexible and willing to negotiate. If you don’t like the offer that they’re making you can always send a counteroffer. While there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to negotiating, you should consider how long the item has set and how badly you want to get rid of it.

6. Deliver Top-Notch Customer Service

Whenever someone purchases something from you they have the ability to give you a rating. This rating ranges from 1 to 5 stars. While the quality of your item can have an impact on how well you do, a huge chunk of your rating will be based on your customer service.

Those who deliver the best customer service are those who are the most transparent with their buyers. If your item has a flaw then you need to give as much detail as possible about it. You should always be upfront about shipping times and when the customer should expect to receive the item. If you’re going to have a hard time making it to the post office this week, then let them know.

Another important aspect of customer service is responsiveness. When someone asks a question it’s best to answer them within 24 hours. This lets them know that you value both their time and business. The answer you provide may be what helps them to make the decision to buy.

Selling your clothes on Poshmark is relatively simple. The most challenging part is becoming an active member of the community. And this is because sharing and following can take up a significant amount of time. That’s why a lot of sellers choose to delegate these tasks to a Poshmark bot. A Poshmark bot can automate this process by sharing items from your closet and to parties for you. It can also follow other accounts. This way, you can spend your time on tasks that require brainstorming and strategy.

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  1. Keeping your eye on what sells sounds key! Something fashionable and attractive will always sell!

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