50 Fun Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids

Stocking fillers, also known as stuffers, are fun, novelty gifts used to fill up the Christmas stocking.  It’s those little presents that accompany the one special gift on Christmas morning.

What’s most important is that they needn’t be expensive.  And when it comes to kids, remember they need to be useful too. There are hundreds of practical suggestions to suit all ages however if you are not sure where to start, these will get you going.

50 fun christmas stocking fillers for kids

For Creative Play

  1. Costume Jewelry – their will feel rich and famous
  2. Nail polish in fun colors
 – look out for the wash off variety
  3. Lip gloss/lipstick
 – strawberry flavor yum
  4. Finger Puppets – usually made of felt – lots of fun
  5. Wooden blocks – find ones that spell the child’s name
  6. Dolls or tiny teddy bears – perfect for make believe play
  7. Card games – perfect for playing snap
  8. Miniatures – tiny tea sets or dolls furniture
  9. Diary with invisible ink pen – detective for a day
  10. Hair Clips – pretty, cheap and you can never have enough

For Creative Hands

  1. Coloring books – their favorite cartoon characters
  2. Puzzle books – find a word, matching pairs, spot the difference
  3. Crayons and colored pencils – you can never have enough
  4. Origami paper – colorful sheets to fold creative shapes
  5. Play dough – the store bought or home made variety
  6. Chalk – perfect for hopscotch or drawing on a board
  7. Scratch n Sniff Stickers – not just a regular old sticker
  8. Paper Airplane – Instructions for making different planes
  9. Embroidery thread – perfect for making friendship bracelets
  10. Beads, Sequins & Glitter – ignore the mess, let them create a masterpiece

Just For Fun

  1. Slime – oozy green slime
  2. Silly straws
 – crazy shapes in fluorescent colors
  3. Glow in the dark stickers –  stars and planets
  4. Disposable camera
 – let them be snap happy
  5. Seeds – perfect for planning a flower of their own
  6. Note from Santa – A personalised handwritten note
  7. Yoyo – one that lights up is always a hit
  8. Toy Car – boys can never get enough
  9. Jewelry box – musical varieties are gorgeous
  10. Bookmark – for the bookworm
  11. Piggy Bank – fill it with a few coins to get them started
  12. Mini calculator – for the budding mathematician
  13. Bubbles
 – avoid the colored variety – they can stain
  14. Character Band-Aids
 – always makes a sore heal faster
  15. Character cutlery and cup set
 – help to make meal times less stressful
  16. Bubble Bath – who doesn’t like a bath
  17. Bath Crayons – let them get messy, then just wash away
  18. Bath Toys – great entertainment – foam letters and numbers
  19. Sock slippers – now these ones won’t fall off
  20. Lego –  not new Lego, just a bag of all the bits and pieces you have collected from their room

For The Sweet Tooth

  1. Chocolate Coins – they will be rich!
  2. Candy Cane – always a traditional favorite
  3. Pez – fun and can double as a little toy

And of course you’ll then need a

  1. Toothbrush – Pink or Blue character ones are always popular, and
  2. Toothpaste – yep, super boring necessary.

For The Chef

  1. Apron and Hat – kids always love helping in the kitchen
  2. Recipe Cards – let them create their own recipe box
  3. Cupcake Liners – cute colors for your next batch
  4. Utensils – miniature spoons and spatulas
  5. Egg Timer – let them be your official time keeper

There are bound to be family favorites and traditions, which appear every year.  What do you use to fill your Christmas stockings?

Author Bio: Emma Marks is a mother of 5 and chief editor and founder at Go Ask Mum and Mums Lounge.

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