5 Ways to Coordinate Outfits with Your Baby

5 Ways to Coordinate Outfits with Your Baby

Every baby is their parents’ pride and joy! Enjoy a few adorable photo ops and celebrate your little one by coordinating a few of your outfits together. There are so many ways to match your garments with your favorite baby boy or baby girl clothes, all while staying stylish and on trend. Explore these ideas for parent-child outfits, which are an excellent way to start coordinating you and your little one. 

  1. Start with Denim 

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics around, so you will be able to find fashionable pieces for adults and babies. Some parents like to start with a pair of bottoms, such as a pair of jeans, overalls or a denim skirt. Once you make your choice, you can match it with the same type of denim for your baby. 

Complete the look with a solid shirt in the same color. Match collared shirts, tank tops and colorful short sleeve shirts. Accessorize with matching shoes, hats or jackets. Another way to coordinate with denim is to wear the same type of jean jacket. Pair it with a similar tee and bottoms in a matching color. With this approach, you are sure to look like twins. 

  1. Choose a Color Scheme 

When you need to coordinate outfits quickly, create a color scheme. Choose two different shades and then find the right matching pieces. If you are designing outfits for an event or photoshoot, consider the environment around you. Your backdrop will provide excellent inspiration for your color choices. Neutral colors are a great selection because both of you should have plenty of tops and bottoms in these hues. Try color schemes like white and light blue or gray and pastel green. A colorful bodysuit will look adorable with white or gray leggings and a cute headband or shoes. Parents can match their infant with white pants and a top in the same shade. 

If bold colors are more your style, create a scheme with some of the most popular colors for baby girl and baby boy clothes. Infant girls can coordinate with you in navy, fuchsia or plum. Baby boys always look adorable in outfits that include colors like burnt orange, black and red. Select the main color for both of your tops and then choose a basic hue for the bottoms. Or coordinate a neutral dress or pair of overalls with vibrant, eye-catching accessories. 

5 Ways to Coordinate Outfits with Your Baby
  1. Find a Fun Pattern 

If you love patterns, there are so many to choose from. Checkered prints, plaids and stripes are all popular prints for babies and their parents. Many baby girl dresses, bodysuits and rompers come in fun patterns like tie-dye, animal prints and ombre. When choosing a print, consider the season. You may also wish to consider the reason why you are matching with the baby. 

Some patterns, like stripes and dots, look adorable at any time of year. To keep the clothing fresh and seasonal, select lighter, thinner patterns in the spring and summer. Multicolor prints like tie-dye and ombre are perfect for vacations and fun in the sun. Thick lines and shapes may best complement seasons like fall and winter. Buffalo check patterns and plaids are also wonderful choices for the festive times of the year. 

  1. Match Holiday Colors 

Holidays are a popular time for babies and their parents to match. Whether you are getting ready for a Halloween party, creating a Christmas or Hanukkah card or celebrating the New Year, coordinated outfits will enhance your memories and your family photography. When coordinating holiday outfits, think about which hues are the main part of the event’s color scheme. Many of the fall and winter holidays have dedicated colors, patterns and prints that are easily incorporated into any outfit. This makes it easy for parents and babies to match everything from sweaters and sport coats to dresses and slacks. 

Baby clothing stores will already have adorable outfits and sets for you to choose from. Match it with trendy holiday outfits at your favorite stores. When it comes to the spring and summer holidays, have fun with pastels, stars and stripes. It is also a great time of year to take advantage of lightweight fabrics such as cotton, chambray and linen blends. Some of the most popular spring and summer colors include baby blue, aqua and peach. Experiment with your outfits to find the cutest combinations for you and your infant. 

  1. Root for Your Favorite Team 

Game time is much more fun when you and your infant match each other. Besides, no one can resist a baby in adorable athletic gear! There are so many ways to coordinate sports outfits with your baby. Buy the same player’s jersey and wear it together along with bottoms like denim jeans, leggings or pants. 

Some athletic apparel companies sell infant bodysuits complete with team logos and colors. Pair these cute and convenient one-pieces with the baby bottoms of your choice. Then, find a similar top and wear it with a skirt or pants in the same color. Other ways to root for your favorite team and pair outfits include wearing their color scheme. Find a top for you and your baby in the team’s main hue and then you can both wear bottoms in their secondary color. Accessorize with hair ribbons, hoodies and hats with the team’s logo. 

5 Ways to Coordinate Outfits with Your Baby

Match Your Baby and Make Lasting Memories 

When you decide to match your outfit with a baby, you will have an excellent reason to snap a photo together. It is also fun to shop for pieces and accessories that make you look more alike. Over time, you will discover how to easily coordinate clothing with your little one so you can make lasting memories as you grow together. Today’s stylish baby clothing makes it easier than ever to create cute outfits that will impress everyone at your next event or gathering.

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