5 Safety Tips for White Water Rafting

You haven’t really lived until you’ve gone white water rafting, but there’s more to it than simply hopping aboard a raft and setting sail. Before you try your luck on the water, read and digest these safety tips from royalgorgerafting.net.

5 Safety Tips for White Water Rafting

1: Always wear a life jacket. Always, always, always. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great swimmer or if you’re only rafting in shallow water; all it takes is one accident, or hitting your head against one rock, and your life jacket will be the only thing that keeps you from drowning.

2: Never go rafting alone. Ideally you’ll go with a group, but even a single rafting buddy will serve as additional security and an extra pair of eyes on the water. Besides, it’s always more fun with a friend!

3: Take breaks when you’re tired. Exhaustion can make a class two river feel like a four, and that’s not something to take lightly when only an air-filled raft is keeping you afloat.

4: Keep your paddle down and in the water, and always maintain a firm grip on the handle. One bump of a turbulent river and you could accidentally whack the person sitting in front of you. For that reason, never raise your paddle above your head, not even in excitement or for a picture.

5: Check your equipment before and after your journey. Look for holes or punctures in the raft and any damage done to the paddles. You’ll want to make sure it’s safe before setting off, and it’s good etiquette to check it afterwards so the next group won’t suffer any problems, either.

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