5 Reasons To Consider A Toyota

We’ve come a long way from the horse-drawn carriages of yesteryear, but now we’re presented with a new problem: With so many sleek, shiny models out there, how do you know which car is the one for you?

5 Reasons To Consider A Toyota

Here are five reasons to consider a Toyota before any other car brand:

Safety. Ten models of Toyota cars won the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award in 2012 alone.

Longevity. Many drivers who chose Toyota are still driving the first models they ever bought. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial where Toyota points out that 80 percent of their vehicles sold 20 years ago are still on the road today?

Variety. From hybrids to highlanders, Toyota offers a wide selection of cars to fit every driver’s personal needs.

Value. Toyota cars are some of the most affordable on the market, especially when you factor in all their great discounts and annual sales. Do a little digging online and you can find even more savings through specialty websites like BuyAToyota.com, where Toyota Highlander deals compete for space with low Prius prices and special Matrix offers.

Style. There’s a reason the brand is internationally famous. When you sit behind the wheel of a Toyota, you do it with confidence, sophistication and class.

These are only a few of the reasons you should consider a Toyota for your next vehicle purchase. If you’re looking for a safe, stylish car that’s still affordable on an everyday budget, then this is the brand for you!

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