5 Outside-the-Box Ideas for Your Next Virtual Party

5 Outside-the-Box Ideas for Your Next Virtual Party

You might try to plan an entertainment night to take a break from a weekly meeting, or you might wish to avoid COVID-19 during your bible study. Maybe you plan to host a virtual get-together for your company. No matter the reason, you might search for help to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas for your next virtual party. Just because this is a virtual party does not mean that it must be boring. You might wish to hire entertainment, play music, enjoy a movie, play a video game, or start a book club to get the most enjoyment out of your next virtual gathering.

Hire Someone

Consider hiring entertainment because that could prevent your next virtual party from becoming dull. A company will deal with all the virtual entertainment your next online party needs. An example of what they offer would be a comedian who will keep your audience laughing the entire time. Another idea would be to choose an emcee host to keep your whole gathering on time as you go through the agenda. No matter which kind of entertainment you select, know there is a company out there that can let you take your mind off the entertainment part of your virtual party and let you focus on what matters most about the event.

Music and a Movie

You might wish to consider playing some music at your next virtual party. Finding a suitable variety of songs might seem complicated, but there are ways to find music that pleases everyone. Also, consider using a premeditated playlist of songs for your virtual event. With a bit of thought, you could plan out a theme for the music, which could relate to the purpose of your event. Avoiding common pitfalls that make a virtual event boring might mean playing a little music and letting your attendees dance.

It might be best to play a movie or watch sporting events at your next virtual party. If you can play a video feed for all the people attending, why not play a film for everyone to enjoy? Another example of unique things to watch would be a sporting event, but be sure to make the event something you can talk to each other during, such as a baseball game. So, take a break from the typical virtual event fair and let everyone watch a little TV together at your next virtual party.

Games and Stories

If you are even a little nerdy, you might wish to convince your party attendees to enjoy a video game together. Instead of hosting your party on the usual platforms, consider connecting with a video game console. You could all hang out somewhere unusual in an online video game, talking the whole thing with chat headsets. Also, you could host a video game tournament, where you take turns playing each other at something competitive online, such as a football video game. While this idea would require that everyone involved owns the equipment to participate, there may be no better idea for those who enjoy this spectacular hobby.

If all your event attendees enjoy reading, a virtual book club could be a winner. You could all read a book between your gatherings and discuss it as part of your virtual party. You could even mail the book to read to everyone in the meeting, along with a few snacks to enjoy. That way, your guests can enjoy all the comforts of an actual book club with no face-to-face contact. You might already have a purpose in mind for your next virtual party, but consider adding a book club to the festivities, even if that part of the event is the icebreaker.

A virtual event does not need to be a boring event. Use some of these out-of-the-box ideas to help you plan the perfect virtual party, be it a corporate event or entertainment at a virtual conference. Remember to hire someone to entertain, play music, enjoy a movie, play video games, or start a book club to keep your guests at your next virtual party engaged in an out-of-the-box manner. Virtual events can be just as hard as normal ones to plan and execute. Still, you only need a little help finding the right entertainment idea to make your next virtual party a massive success.

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