5 Easy Ways To Child Proof Your Home

Princess Kate may have a staff of servants to child proof the royal residences, but most parents are on their own when child proofing their homes in preparation for a new baby. Simple things can be done before your bundle of joy arrives. These five easy “baby” steps should clear the coast for your new little one.

5 Easy Ways To Child Proof Your Home

Watch out for Animals Real and Stuffed

Exercise good judgment with anything that is in the crib including stuffed animals and blankets that can smother an unwatched infant. As babies begin moving in their sleep, they can tangle themselves in larger blankets. Consult your pediatrician about properly securing bumper pads and other items that should or should not be in a crib or playpen based on your infant’s developmental stages.

If there is a kitty in the house, keep it away from the mouths of babes. If Fido has ever bitten anyone, it’s time to find Fido a new home. If not, but you’re still concerned about how your pets will interact with a new baby, take a wait-and-see approach. Some pups gradually warm up and even assume the role of protector. Just be cautious and monitor the situation before throwing your pets out with Baby’s bathwater.

Play Crib Detective

Speaking of cribs, the make and model of your new or used crib should be checked online for recalls or consumer safety alerts.

Don’t Get Cornered

For your own safety and your baby’s, remove sharp-cornered coffee or end tables from your living space. At 4 a.m., there’s nothing like holding your baby, his bottle, a burp cloth and blanket as you bump your shin into a table corner.

Doctor the Drapes

Window treatments such as long, flowing drapes, and the mechanisms to operate them should be out of a baby’s reach. Sooner than you think, babies start to crawl, climb and walk. For the perfect solution, visit http://sunburstshutters.com/shutters.

Hardware Makes It Easy

Wooden or plastic sliding gates can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 but are perfect for blocking Baby from stairs and off-limit areas. Purchase outlet covers for all the outlets in your home and invest in child proof locks for cupboards. All of these items are inexpensive and take seconds to minutes to install.

Remember, they grow up so fast — all this is temporary, but you’ll be glad you started out as a proactive parent.

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