5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make in the Home

A new parent’s instict is to make the world as safe as possible for their young child. This starts in the home. Child-proofing is one way to ensure a young child’s safety, but there are some common mistakes that parents often make when preparing their homes for a new child. Here are the top five most common mistakes parents make.

Baby in Crib

Crib Safety

A newborn will spend a large amount of time sleeping, and a crib is often the bed of choice for new parents. It may be tempting to save money by buying a used crib or even nostalgic to think of using one’s own baby bed. New parents should be aware, however, that there are strict safety standards in place for the manufacturer of new cribs. If the bed is more than a few years old, it may not meet current safety standards. Make sure you are buying the best and safest crib for you child.

Car Seats

Car seats are another product that should not be reused. Car seats have a limited life span. Although the exterior may seem as if it is in perfect condition, the actual structure of the seat may not be. A car seat should always be replaced after an accident. With a used seat, there is no way to know its history. Even a gently used car seat may no longer be effective, so protect your child with a new car seat.

Sofas and Other Surfaces

It is often tempting to lay a baby down on a sofa or bed temporarily. The danger in this is that a baby can easily roll over and off the surface. Protecting them from rolling off by placing soft pillows or cushions around them may actually backfire as the danger of suffocation is high. A baby should always be placed in a crib or play pen when they must be briefly left unattended.

Bath Time

When bathing a baby, water temperature is the first concern. Water that seems warm to an adult may actually be too hot for a baby’s delicate skin. Parents should always err on the side of caution. In addition, the hot water heater temperature should be set so that the water temperature is always lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A child can be scalded quickly at temperatures above 125.

Home Safety

One area that may be forgotten in the all-consuming task of baby preparation is home security. A baby means a new life to protect. It is important to have increased security with a new child. It is a good time to install or update a home security system.

By avoiding common mistakes, new parents can help to make their baby’s first years as safe and secure as possible.

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