3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage Safe

Some people fear garage theft more than most. How much you live in fear will depend upon your previous experience of crime within your area. Some people that live in relatively crime-free areas may never feel afraid. This is because fear is brought on by past bad experiences. For those who live in an area that is rife with crime, this can be a particularly on distressing experience.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage Safe

Lock-Up and Lights Off

Thefts from garages have sharply risen in recent years by almost 20 per cent, according to statistics compiled by the Office for National Statistics. The majority of these crimes have been successful due to homeowners leaving their garages unlocked. This is a huge mistake for any homeowner, because it leaves people vulnerable to losing their valuables. Most people keep their child’s bike in the garage. As a mother, could you imagine having your child’s precious bike stolen? It’s not worth thinking about. Especially for the silly reason of not locking your garage. That’s why locking the garage is so important. Another vital aspect of maintaining the safety of a garage is to turn the lights off. Usually lights will ward off thieves because it will make them more visible. However, round the back of your house, that isn’t the case. Thieves are less visible there, and if your lights are on, a window may give them the chance to see your valuables. The more valuable the objects they see, the more likely they are to steal.

Get a Garage Alarm

If you have a garage alarm, use it. If you don’t have one, buy one. Just because the alarm you have is a visible box, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. We all have the same thought process, that a visible box is enough of a deterrent. However, thieves and criminals have become wiser. This is now careless rather than the norm. Getting an alarm is not even the half of the issue. Making sure it’s suitable is the main priority. The sensor for the alarm will need to be a wide-ranging one, meaning it should cover the whole garage. Therefore, you will be more aware of a break in, with the sensors detecting the culprit rightaway.

Purchase Extra Strong Locks 

Never mind making yourself aware about the fact that a crime is developing, why not simply just prevent it? Stopping the bad guys before they get in is surely the best ploy. To do this you will need extra strong locks. The stronger the locks, the harder it will be to break in. Quicksafe are a company that has such products. Thieves are well known to give up if they can’t break into something quickly, so this way you can increase your safety.

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