3 Beauty Basics For Tweens And Teens This Fall

3 beauty basics for tweens and teens

3 beauty basics for tweens and teens

Have you ever watched a beauty how-to on Youtube?  How many products did they use in the last one you watched?  A lot of young girls are getting their advice for their beauty routines from the internet and they’re in a sea of beauty products.  Here’s how to help the tween in your life get started with makeup without going overboard.  Pick which of these works for the age of the teen in your life.

{These are also great for women who just want a more natural, carefree makeup look themselves!}

Lip Basics

Lipstick is my favorite beauty product of all time.  I collect them, I love them, but even I know that they’re not always appropriate for a younger girl.  Instead, stick to a lightly tinted gloss or a balm.  Teach her from an early age the importance of getting something with a decent SPF rating onto her lips in the morning.

Product to try: Already popular among teens, Baby Lips has SPF 20.  For gloss, Neutrogena’s MoistureShine Lip Soother is also SPF 20.

Eye Basics

Maybe not for school, but by the time a girl has reached 16 or so she should know the basics of how to use eye shadow.  It’s a skill that takes practice and the weekends are a great time for it with a neutrals palette.  Go to your local makeup counter.  Be up front with the makeup artist about exactly what you want to purchase and ask them to teach her how to use it with a light makeover.  It’s a great girl’s day out and a learning experience.

Product to try: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Stone Taupes or Mocha Latte are easy to use and a very affordable starter palette.

Coverage for Acne

The rise of BB creams is a boon to young girls with acne concerns.  Gone are the 90s when we caked on pressed powder in hopes of covering a blemish and instead making a big powder heap on top of it.  A BB cream is a great first moisturizer for girls and gives a little coverage for those who are just started to get blemishes.  A good formula will last through the school day without the need to sneak to the bathroom and reapply it.

Product to try: Maybelline has created their Dream Pure BB Cream which has acne-fighting salicylic acid in it.

When you were a teenager, what makeup products were you allowed to wear to school?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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